Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I went to work on a Ferry.

We went out of town today and ended up going on a ferry ride across the bay to an island to do some work with the hydro guys. We got a free ferry ride over and back. Here are some photos to see.

 This our truck and us waiting to go across, the ferry had already left the dock before we got there.

We are heading down to get on the ferry.
 This gentleman was the one to direct the cars and trucks on the ferry, busy boy.

This a view from my car looking out onto the bay.

Here we are almost to the other side.
 After a meeting with the hydro guys to see what poles they where to do we went with our truck and started to work. We had to be done by 2p.m.

Here is a nice church on the island I took a pic of on the way back to the ferry.
 Here is a view of the two ferries that we used to cross the bay on.
 A view of the ferry  at the dock.
 The trucks and our other crew(Kieth and Magan) from Moncton waiting for the ferry to board.
 Our friend directing us onto the ferry again.
 The bay was very calm and I even got out to look into the water. I was very relaxed. Getting better on boats. We will be coming back next August to see how pretty the island is.
 Here is the top of the other ferry passing us by.
 We made it to the other side. See the lineup on the top of the hill.
Here we are following our truck back to Sussex, but we will be going on to Riverview where we live. A good day out with no snow. Hope you liked our trip. What a way to go to work. Hugs.


  1. Oh my gosh how exciting, to take a ferry to work so cool.


  2. Lynda you are becoming a jet setter !
    Ron sometimes had to do to work on a ferry he took me on it once and it was really good hugs.

  3. How fun! Thanks for taking us along.

  4. That was really cool Lynda Ruth. It looked like it was a nice day, the water was lovely and sparkly. We have a ferry that takes people from the North Island New Zealand to the South Island (and vehicles and trains) Or visa versa..3.5 hour journey that can be absolutely gorgeous or downright treacherous. It goes into the Marlborough Sounds top of the South Island. A very special scenic place, or into our main capital city Wellington Harbour bottom of the North Island. Have a great week end Shirley