Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Craft Show at Colissum

There was or should I  say there is a craft show going on this weekend at the Colissum called the Turner's Christmas Craft Show and I went over today to see how it was. I only got a few items because allot of it was spicy foods, soaps, paintings, shirts that glow in the dark and others to numberous to mention. Your not suppose to get photo's but I snuck these from the balcony before I
went down stairs to see what they had to offer.

Middle of the room  and left side below 

 Right side of the room.
 You could not walk down the isles after I had been here for an hour, that was long enough for me.

 This photo is alittle blurry but you can still see the wreaths she is selling. I got one and put it on my front door. Only $20.00 for it.

It's not a very warm day and it had rainned and snowed some over night but the snow is gone now. This is the Colissum and alittle of the parking lot.

Here are the other items I bought that I really went here to get. I got them first. I was sick last year and did not go so this year this was what I really, really wanted to buy. Some are going on my tree and others are gifts but I have not decided which ones yet. The cost ranged from $2.00 to $7.00 which I find is reasonable for hand made crochet items.

 I also got to hoodies for me and hubby to wear when we are working out in the snow and cold this winter. That was all that I bought. I did not see any other items that I needed.

 Here is Friendship done and I added some blue beads to allot of the flowers and on the stitching. Even the bird's eyes are beads.

 Some other stitching I did.

 I believe that is all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have so far. Hello to all my followers, new and older ones and thanks for stopping by to visit. Now I have to decide on who gets what in parcels that I have to send out this week. Big hugs talk to you all later. thanks for visiting. xxx Lynda Ruth


  1. Glad you had a good time at the craft fair. Your stitching is so sweet!

  2. Lynda Ruth: What lovely pillows you stitched, love them.
    We do not go to craft shows any longer, it seems they are just name brand from big companies.
    Love the Friendship Birds stitch so pretty.


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! Your stitching is lovely. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Your stitcheries are lovely. It's fun going to craft fairs. We have a lot from September on. The latest Christmas fair was a couple of weeks ago. It's held outdoors and very popular. Glorious weather and everyone happy.Love the crocheted goodies.Take care. Hugs, Shirley

  5. Hi Sis looks like you had some fun at the craft fair , it's like the ones I go too.
    Love what you brought and all your stitching looks fab .
    Keep warm hugs.