Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

 I am very happy to be nominated for this award from June at Butterfly wings and Kim at wisdomwithneedleandthread.

The purpose of this award is for bloggers to nominate fellow, mostly newer,bloggers that they wish to recognise. The goal is to bring attention to blogs that we think are "lovely" and enjoy reading. We hope others will enjoy reading these blogs also.

In order to accept the award, the nominated  blogger must follow these rules.

Thank the person or persons who nominated you and link back to the, in your post.

Share seven facts about yourself

Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

1. I am living in New Brunswick with my husband Dave, the rest of our families live in Ontario and out west.

2. We still work and enjoy it. Some day we will retire.

3. Cross Stitching is my first passion, I love to do and give away lots.

4. I do some knitting, crocheting and allittle scrap booking but not allot.

5. We have two cats Ms. Jasmine and Miss Buttons who we love dearly.

6. We live out in the country and have numerous animals visitors. (wild animals)

7. I love to travel if it's in a car, I am not a plane person.

June          http:/

   Angela P






Thanks for visiting my blog and I do hope you will visit other blogs and enjoy what they have to offer. I look forward to new friends and older ones coming to see what I put up on my blog.

Please come again.


  1. Thank you Lynda Ruth, but I already got the award from June and haven't done it yet!Hopefully I will soon. If I manage I will try to do it for you too. AriadnefromGreece!

  2. How lovely to read about my stitching sister, enjoy your day sweet friend hugs.

  3. I'm so glad to know more about you! Looking forward to many more of your posts -

  4. A lovely post Lynda Ruth, nice to read about you.
    I was too selected by June but will not carry out the game. I have already been nominated more than 6 times on this game and had a bad experience too.