Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yellow Tulips

I just had to buy some yellow tulips to go on my kitchen table for alittle spring in the house. Our snow is going slowly and  I can see my small evergreen trees at the front of the house now. I thought for sure they would die from being buried so deep. Hardly little guys they are. I took them from the bush and planted in pots for a year and then I planted them in the lawn and they have survived.

My violets(3 plants in one pot) are starting to show flowers, so I brought it down stairs. I rearrange my house plants and they like to be upstairs in winter and downstairs in summer. I don't worry about the cats because they never touch them. They smell the flowers but never eat them.

I got this little girl from Sobey's the other day for $1.50 and she seems to be doing good. Has allot more flowers and if I just water her from the bottom she is happy. I had a red one but it had been over watered at the store and no help could save it. This one wasn't over watered. It was more dry and I think that saved it. I hate to loss plants.

I still have my easter bunny and chick and little bird nest on the table to give alittle colour. When I got the tulips they had not openned, so not they are and will go in the flower garden when the ground warms and I can dig them holes. I only paid $5.00 for about 10 tulips. Good bargin.

I was at hospital last Thursday so the doctor could finish fixing my ear. Finally no wax and hearing good.I will have to see her in a month's time, but I will need an MRI on my neck because the first showed something the doctor did not like. One of my dics looks weird so that will come some time in the near future.  Anyway Dave and I are going for a drive in the Camero so I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Bye for now hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. I am glad you are feeling better and hopefully everything else will be fine too! I LOVE tulips so much!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Yay! What color are your violets?
    I am glad you are hearing well now. Not to glad to read about disc trouble. Not fun at all. I have that problem in my lower back.

  3. Beautiful tulips and I also have violets...several of them. Every so often Dennis make a new plant from a cutting...Hope all will be okay with the MRI....

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better - and what beautiful tulips!! I inherited two violet plants when my mom passed - and they are still blooming. I'll be thinking of you and the MRI. Hope is goes well.