Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cats amaze, spring blubs and a Sunday drive with a surprise.

I usually give my cats a treat of soft canned  cat food on Sunday's as a treat for them. This is the first time I have ever seen them share the treat, normally one or the other has first chance and then the other one gets some after the first is finished. They surprised me this morning with their sisterly love of sharing the treat.
Animals never cease to amaze me on what they

We still have alittle snow lefted but it is melting with all the rain we are having and some of my blubs are coming up so I will show you what is growing.

Dave and I just came back from a Sunday drive out in the country and I took my camera so I could take pictures of these girls. What do you think. We found 4, 2 in one place and 2 in another.

 these where off close to the bush and my camera only has a short  zoom on it.

these two where closer to the road and we drove by but Dave turned around and came back down and stopped so I could get a couple of good pictures.
 This is our house today and most of the snow is gone.
 Some of my blubs that are planted under the maple tree are coming up.
 will have to wait to see what the blubs are.

 These are daffols that are coming up in my front garden. Slightly over grown with grass.
 Hope you like the pictures, till next time. Have a great Sunday. xx Lynda Ruth

 Can you guys believe this, it's snowing again and it's suppose to snow for the whole week. Here are a couple of pictures to look at. Winter is not on it's way out yet. Bye for now.

 Have a nice day. Hugs.


  1. Beautiful post, Lynda-Ruth. Love the deer.

  2. I too spotted 4 doe yesterday!
    My perennials are popping up too. :)

  3. What lovely photos , I love the deer too.
    I can see your daffodils popping up ,you will soon have some wonderful colours .
    Looks like you had a nice drive big hugs.

  4. What a beautiful house on top of a hill! We saw lots of deer in Washington DC last summer!Gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Love the deer photos, they are such a lovely animal.
    Your babies are so sweet.
    Oh no snow pictures.


  6. You didn't even get to send the lovely blogpost about spring's arrival, when it snowed AGAIN! Darn! I hope it is melted by now!! Loved the photos!