Sunday, March 15, 2015

This poor little bird can't win.

 We have encountered another snow storm today and this poor little bird is having a hard time flying in this weather. We did have a nice warm week and we did have some snow melt but now we are having a bad storm which is three storms in one converging on our province. When will we see spring. Maybe around July if it ever stops snowing long enough for what we had to melt away. Hopes are high.

 I have been busy stitching and this is what I have done. One sheep from the series that I collected last year.
 I am working on June Calendar girl.
 I was shopping yesterday and found this great pen and paper set. I love pens that match the paper.
 I have decided to do Miss Peepers next when I have finished with a spring stitch that I can't show right now. It's a gift and I don't want to ruin the surprise.  I have finished stitching Kim's gift for winning my giveaway and collected some nice goodies to go with it. Once it is mailed and Kim lets me know she has recieved her parcel I will show you all what I gave her.
 Do you find that when your stitching and you have a tea or coffee it always runs out, so I found myself a cup that I do believe will do the trick. This one is sure not to run out before my stitching is done. It may have to be reheated but there will always be lots to drink.

Well, I am off to refill my cup and put some supper in the oven. We are having chicken and vegetables. I did laundry yesterday so I can sit and do lots of stitching while the storm rages on. Hopefully it will blow it's self out before tomorrow. I have another doctor's appointment. This time with a heart doctor. I went to my family doctor on Tuesday but wasn't feeling so well. She did not like the way my heart sounded and my lungs where giving me a problem, so she sent me to the hospital for an xray on my lungs and I got a call from a heart doctor for Monday morning. She gave me a inhaler too. I don't know why but lately I have been out of breath and shaky when I just walk alittle. It hit me when I went to see her and that was a good thing. You know when you tell the doctor how you feel but it's days later and your fine. This time it hit me when I was seeing her and it got her attention. I know I have a heart murmur but she did not like the sound of my heart this time. I am surprised that I am getting to see a doctor so quickly. Usually we have to wait a long time and by then it's either gone or not really that bad when they do see you. Anyway I will let you know how things go. Everyone have a great Sunday and I wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday and do wear some green.

Irish Blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

March 16, 2015 Day after Snow Storm.

It's the day after the snow storm and it's still raging, and man is my hubby busy trying to get rid of all the snow. He went our last night before supper and got rid of allot but now we have just as much if not more. So much for the weather man's saying only alittle storm. Never listen to what they say, half the time they don't get it right.So here are a couple of pictures of hubby and I had two visitors this morning looking for breakfast. Bye for now.

 How's this for sharing, and this little guy is quite the charactor.

He's been missing all winter, so it's nice to see he made it thru the hard parts and is back for some goodies.

how do you like my little friend. He is so cute. I just wanted to show you the stitching I have finished. Tell me what you think?

the back of the lamb is the same fabric as the pin cushion. A bright yellow fabric for Spring.

What do you think of the ribbon on the outside?

Isn't this just the nicest sunset with the red and purple sky. We have had more snow this week and it is even snowing now. I think Spring will come in July or August maybe. Bye for now.hugs xxxx


  1. Poor little bird , hope it stops snowing soon.
    Love all your stitching you are working on .
    Love your pen and paper so pretty.
    Take care of yourself and don't over do it , let me know how you get on, sending hugs and xxx.

  2. Oh all that snow must have been hard on you an doyur heart too!Hope you are feeling much better!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Oh my! You have an awful lot of snow!! How awful to see that poor bird in the tree during a snow storm... I am sure the bird will be ok....I hope.
    Oooh now!!!! Love love love your sheep stitch, well I would! Ha ha love sheep! And oooh yes, your June lady is coming along lovely, be sure to post her once finished, she will be beautiful I am sure.
    Miss Peepers...eeeeeeekkk!!! This is one I saw a while ago stitched by Justine and adored it's so so cute and adorable, cannot wait to see you stitch that one up.
    Oh no... I am sad to,read your not feeling so good, I hope the snow settles enough so that you can make your appointment. I do hope everything is alright, sending lots of smiles your way :). Please keep us informed :)
    Yes my cup always empies far too quick and when I go to take a drink my cup is always empty! I never remember drinking it though! Ha ha.
    Smiles :)

  4. Ohh it's still so much snow..
    Beautiful projects xxx

  5. Gosh you are getting a lot of snow storms. I hope it all melts quickly and real signs of spring come forward.Your stitching will be of great therapy for you. I do hope all will be well for you at your appt. with the cardiac Dr.Take care, Hugs Shirley

  6. Still so much snow in your part of the world!!
    Lovely stitching, take care x

  7. Beautiful stitching! Hope you're feeling better. Stay warm! :D

  8. Hoping that your heart issue is nothing terribly serious! Scary! All your finishes look great! I have Miss Peepers sitting next to me, all kitted up and ready to start! Can't wait! So cute! Hugs!