Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's starting to look like Spring.

How do you like my Easter table. I got flowers, candy and a bunny and chick that change colours. It's surprising what you can find in the dollar store these days. The sun is out and the snow is melting slowly so it's starting to look like spring is in the air. I am so tired of this winter, I can't wait to see my blubs if they can come up and bloom. I just hope and pray that March goes out like a lamb and not a lion.

I happy to say that Kim received her parcel from my blog anniversary on Friday and I can show you what goodies I sent her.
 Can you guess what I sent. She was so excited and happy to be my winner that I thought Joyfulness from the lamb series would be a great stitch for her and I made a pin cushion to go with it. What do you think.
 I added some candy and an April Girl from the series and the floss and fabric to stitch it with in a cute little box to put everything in.
 I put some candy cinnamon hearts and marshmallow bunny for her sweet tooth. I added a book mark of a sour kitty. he's so sweet.
 I sewed the backs with this yellow fabric that  I was given and added some ribbon to them. I think they turned out really nice and Kim loves them.

Here is a close up of the two pillows.

I tried my hand at making baked donuts and did some peanut butter cookies on the weekend. We had what I hope is our last snow storm so what else do you do.

I am off to finish cleaning my kitchen and then making a roast for dinner. I will be going to see the heart doctor on Monday and then my doctor on Wednesday. I was called by another doctor on Friday but could not reach his office because it was closed. Will have to wait until Monday to see which one this one is. Maybe for my lungs, never heard of him before. Anyway I am not worrying because it would not do any good to. I am making buns for dinner in my bread machine and as soon as the dough is ready I will place them in the new pan I got it at the dollar store too.

 Can you believe it only cost me $3.00, what they don't sell is amazing.

I have to put my bread machine on the floor because it likes to walk off the counter. It gets going and away it goes, so it sits on the floor and stays from falling. I got it at Value Village for $5.00. It had no manuel so Dave got on the computer and printed me one. Surprising what you can find on the internet.

Well, I am off so everyone take care and have a great Sunday and an enjoyable week ahead. Big hugs from the melting North. xxx


  1. What a fun giveaway! I'm sure Kim must be thrilled. Glad your winter is winding down; it's been chilly here in central Illinois and is raining today but the week is supposed to be quite nice. Sure hope they're right! Let us know what the doctors have to say. Many of us will have you in our prayers.

  2. Lovely gifts for Kim I bet she loved them all.
    Hope you get Spring real soon.
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow you are in my prayers too .
    Love the cakes
    Take care Sis.

  3. Wonderful giveaway, wow so many great goodies.
    Your Easter Table is so sweet. I bought a rubber mat at the dollar store and put it under the bread machine, no more jumping around.

    Happy Easter

  4. I am just like you! I love to bake and find great deals at the store.
    I am praying for your health.♥

  5. I sure HOPE that winter is over for you! That was a LOT of snow you got, over and over... But Spring is here... moving on! The two pillows you stitched are delightful and cheery! Nicely done on the finishing! All in all, it was a great giveaway and I am sure Kim loved it all! Funny about your bread maker walking off the counter! Sounds like you are a thrifty shopper. I try to be one! Hugs!

  6. Hope you're okay. Nice to know the snow is finally melting. You've put together a wonderful package for Kim x

  7. A great giveaway! I'm sure Kim loved her goodies :D