Sunday, January 4, 2015

We got snow.

Sunday January 4th,2015 and we have snow, so my hubby is out playing in the snow with his new toy. Yes, he finally has a chance to us his new tractor on our first snow fall of the winter season.
 first he had to shovel out the stairs then he was able to go and get his tractor going.
 Just open the garage door and start blowing the snow away.
 Here he is beside the house, he is going to back up and blow the snow the other way.

Hubby said it only took him half an hour to get rid of the snow so he is  a happy man with his new tractor. :)  me too.
I just got a little of this pheasant trying to walk thru the snow at the front of the house. he came for something to eat but there where 5 bluejays hogging the feeders. He decided to leave for now and come back later.

I saw this chart on one of the blog the other day and I decided to stitch it up. It was a fast stitch, done all in one night while watching some TV.

I just can't remember off hand which blog I got this off of.

I am knitting a scarf from the wool that Shirley gave me. It's coming out nicely.
I am just doing alittle at a time. Shirley, where did you get the wool, I would like to get some more please let me know. Thanks.

See what is cooking in my oven. Hubby just came in from doing the driveway and said he was going into town. I said I was making a cake for myself and he said he was going to go get one. So guess where my cake will go. Yes, that's right, right into the freezer for another day and I will let him get me one. Men, don't you just love them. I just took mine out of the oven and will let them cool and wrap up and put in the freezer. I used three mashed banana's and some coconut in a vanilla cake mix. It should be good down the road.
Well, tomorrow is my 66th birthday and I shell enjoy myself. Do take care and a very happy new year to all my followers and to my new followers. Special hello to Reba Murry in North Carolina, hugs to all. Lynda Ruth xxx


  1. Hello. Looking at your pictures is what I see when we look outside our windows. We have to walk behind our snow blower and it is cold and not so much fun. Good for your hubby to have such a nice one. The cross stitch you made is very nice. I don't know how to knit; but what you are making looks pretty. Your cake sounds yummy and a good way to help keep the house warm. Happy Birthday to You. Hope you will have a very special day.

  2. We got snow last night and today too. Looks very pretty now. Try to get a better picture of that pheasant! ;)

  3. Lovely snow! Beautiful stitching and knitting too. Happy Birthday tomorrow! :D

  4. Oh so much snow!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. We had snow too on Boxing day... a whole 2 inches!!! :D
    Beautiful stitching ... and baking.... looks yummy x

  6. Snow photos look great Love your Knitting , the chart is a freebi from Dany, wow you are a fast stitcher.
    Happy Birthday Sis enjoy your day big hugs.

  7. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Hope it was happy! What kind of cake did Hubby get? Yummm... all cake is good! I didn't know you could freeze cake... Hope your day was lovely!