Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another winter snow storm

 We had another snow storm yesterday and it left us with 15 cm of snow. I have been sick for 2 days so I was home and could watch it snow all day long. When hubby got home he did half the driveway and got the car in off the road way. Not allowed to leave cars on the road, hard for the plow to get by.
 Its deep back by the garage.
This morning I managed to get a good photo of my morning doves resting on the flower box that I put food into. They had the box to themselves and would not let the bluejay get near it. The ladies have taken over for now.

 I had a birthday on the 5th of January and this is the card and most of the cake hubby gave me.

We went out for supper at St. Herbert's delicious chicken and ribs.

My son sent me these lovely flowers. My fav are carnations.

 My youngest daughter Carla send me these gifts and below is what my neighbor Loretta gave me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Bye for now. Lynda Ruth


  1. Happy belated birthday and many happy returns!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. What a nice birthday. Happy Birthday to you. I am sorry that you were sick before.

  3. Happy birthday wishes that's a lot of snow....

  4. Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you are feeling better now and managing to keep warm with all that snow around.

  5. Gosh such beautiful scenery in the snow. Looks like you had a lovely birthday. I hope you are feeling brighter soon.

  6. A very happy belated Birthday to you! what wonderful gifts. WOW you guys have so much snow!

  7. Lovely pictures of snow Sis ,sorry you have been ill , I have too.
    Happy Birthday for last week , you had some wonderful gifts take care .

  8. Looks like your birthday was lovely. The card from hubby is beautiful! But so sorry you have been sick, and hope that you are on the mend now! Hugs!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Lynda Ruth. I must say, all of that snow looks so gorgeous!

  10. Happy belated birthday Lynda Ruth!!

  11. Lynda Ruth: Happy birthday to you, I hope you feel better soon.
    I love chicken and ribs, we have a homestyle restaurent in Annandale and they have ribs and chicken buffet every friday night.

    Happy Birthday love your gifts.