Monday, September 1, 2014

September and my Tutti Fruitti Exchange has shown up.

Just want to add an update to this blog, I joined Ingrid's Tutti Fruiti Swap and I just recieved my parcel from Kaye in Australia and just wanted to show everyone. Sarah in Dubai got her's today too but I can't find the picture I took of what I sent her, she will be putting a picture up on her blog in the near future so here is what I got all wrapped up in this box.

 Look at all the pretty wrapped gifts and the lovely paper has butterflies on it.

I love all the gifts that I recieved and all are still not touched.  I just  love the  strawberry chocolates and the marzipan fruit chocolates.

I love the pillow, it's so perfect. Thank you Kaye for being so generous to me.

I got a kick out of the big strawberry that opens to a grocery bag inside, what a great idea.

Some glads from my tire garden, and I am glad that I picked them yesterday because it rained so hard last night I don't think they would have been left standing this morning.  My tire garden was a great success this year I am going to do it all next year.

I tried my hand at making a Rappie Pie that is Acadian and it turned out great, but you should wait until the next day to really get the best flavours out of it so a taste yesterday and a supper today. What do you think. It's made with potato's, chicken, onions and salt pork. Dose look good right.

Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Buttons are wondering why the Bluejays are making so much noise outside. They want some seed so I will give them some later when they stop squawking.

 I ordered a couple of books from England and it only took a week to come, can't wait to start reading these in the winter. I got lots of stitching to do first.
 My daughter is upgrading her education and just graduated with 87% average, she sent me picture.
She sent me this shirt too.

This is Crystal-Rose with her husband Brett on the day of graduation.

She sent my hubby a shirt too. It sweet .

I got a couple of new charts and this one has the fabric and threads with it.
The other is a trio of good time stitching.

Besides doing a couple of exchanges which I can't show because my partners haven't gotten their yet and neither have I , I will show what I am making slowly. It's Naure's Alphabet. I liked it and am doing it slowly. I take it to work with me and am just doing alittle at a time. I have Halloween exchange to do at home and my round robin with June, which is allot of great fun.

So I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy your week. Hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. Wonderful post today :)
    Your Rappie Pie looks like something Jon would eat... not me though being a veggie! Congratulations to your daughter for graduating :)
    Lovely t-shirts :)
    oooh lovely stitchy things too :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Congratulations for your daughter!!
    Your glads are beautiful.

  3. Hello

    Gorgeous Gladioli!
    Congrats to your daughter.
    Lovely pie and pretty stitching (:

  4. Lovely post full of goodies .
    Congrats to your daughter.
    The pie looks wonderful .
    Love those flowers.
    And your charts look fab, wishing you a great day.

  5. Glad you are pleased with the Tutti Frutti swap. I have offered the same strawberry bag to my swap partner :)

  6. So glad that you liked your gifts - I had so much fun making and choosing them for you. Congrats to your daughter, too.

  7. Looks like a great exchange! Love the new designs/kits you got too. Congrats to your daughter.