Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another trip to the beach.

Hello everyone, today is the 16th of August, my how time flies when your having fun. We went back to St. Martins to visit the beach there and found some very pretty rocks.

It's a nice rocky beach but off shore it is lots of lovely sand. Some where swimming and some where just sun bathing.

 It was even a good day to go boating.

 Mind you the water was very cool but I went in to up to the top of my knees and it felt great after working half a day, hubby took me for a drive and the beach where I found lots of pretty rocks to fill my empty fish tank with.

Don't you just love pretty rocks. I am still a kid at heart and love collecting rocks, sea shells and sea glass. Not allot that today.

 Look at the fog that rolled in while we where at the beach.

The boats and covered bridge.

There are caves in these rocks by the beach.

 We drove down the road from the town of St.Martin's and found a lighthouse, front walking down the path to see it and below  the back of the lighthouse as we where walking up the path to where we parked the car.

Dave looking out to see and spotting a small sand island where the sea birds where resting. He took a picture of me pointing to the island.

The long walk back up from the lighthouse. Easier going down then back up.

Two pictures of St. Martin's as we drove back to the town and then home.

It's such lovely country around here, you just have to get out and explore all the great places. Tomorrow my husband is going to have his favorite pie for supper. I have raspberry bushs growing around my porch and I picked enough for a good pie.

This is the fourth time I have picked them. I also have blackberry bushes and got enough to make a nice pie and put it in the freeze to save for a later date.

I do hope everyone enjoyed our trip to St. Martin's, we will go again when the weather is warmer and we can go swimming in warm water and then we will look for sea shells and sea glass and have a pic-nic on the beach. Sounds like lots of fun and I can't wait to go. Now that this blog is ready I think I will go and make that pie for my husband to enjoy with tomorrow's dinner of roast chicken, mashed potato's and fresh yellow beans from my garden. It is growing so well, and very thing is starting to ripen up. Hope you enjoyed today. Bye for now. Have a wonderful weekend where ever you live.


  1. Lynda Ruth, this looks absolutely heavenly. Thank you for sharing your day.

  2. Beautiful place , it looks a really lovely place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing .
    I wish I was coming to dinner tomorrow.
    Enjoy your day sweet Sis.

  3. Wonderful! We are having roast chicken, mashed potatoes and sweet corn tonight. ;)

  4. Beautiful place! Looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us :)