Sunday, September 21, 2014

Do grown men really ride small cars?

 The last car show was this weekend in Sackville, which is east of Moncton and only 45 minute drive, so we decided to take the Camero and go for a Saturday outing. We also decided to put the car in the parade which was to assemble at 12:30 p.m. in the parking lot of a nursing home. It had the biggest space to arrange all the cars and entries such as the Shiners. Men really do ride little cars and trucks to the amazement of all the children lined up along the route we took around town.

We even got the guys who like to wear skirts. ha ha funny me. I wonder what's under them skirts? Any guess.

 this poor chap in the green jacket had the responsiblity of organizing all the entries in the right order for the parade that started at 1 p.m.
 We even had some girls with little horses in the parade. All dressed for the show.

Look at all the people who came out. They where have a fair too so that would bring lots and lots of folks to town on a cool and windy day. You really needed to wear a jacket and long pants for this day it was very cool.

Even the fire department joined in all the fun today.

 I do love the older houses in this town, they are so majestic.

We even got the local pond committee out to view the parade. They had a front row seat as you would say.

 Had to get a picture of the Fire Departments Mascot.

We have a red Camero and all along the route the kids would say hi Bumble Bee from the Transformers movie. Bumble Bee was yellow but who cares when you are having fun and children can recognize a Camero from a Ford.
 Here in the parking lot of this church is where we all ended up with our show cars to enjoy the rest of our day.

 There is our red Camero in between two older ones.
 And as usual my hubby was off doing his thing and getting pictures of all the cars he likes, so I got a picture of him doing what he likes.
 Meet a couple that we often met at one of these shows.
 The table with all the goody bags, trophies and plaques to be given out. Our friends got a bag and so did we, below is what was in ours.

XLarge gloves for hubby, ginger snap cookies, chips,water, pen and paper, playing cards and a safety kit for the car. Love the nice bags that all the goodies came in.

Well, that is the end of the trip to the car show and parade, hope everyone liked it. I am happy to announce that the giveaway I did back in July has a happy out come. All the ladies recieved their special parcels now. The last where recieved this week. I am a happy girl now because each one was made special for each person and I would have been very pissed off if they had never got to their special persons.  We all take a chance mailing to different parts of the globe but I do rely on the Postal Service to at least try and get our parcels to the people we sent them too. I cost use time to make gifts, money to get extras and the postage to send them so it's up to the Postal Service to at least give it all they have to come thru for us. Just venting alittle. But I swear those parcels where on a slow boat to China.

Sent this cross stitched piece to my round robin partner Heather in Ireland. She told me her girls love these colours and I put butterflies in it too. They love it and I sent along some stitckers and a journel for Heather. She was pleased.  I am really enjoying the round robin that June started and I have also entered two Fall and Halloween exchanges and I just joined Angela's Christmas exchange. I do love to stitch and give it away so this is the greatest fun for me this year. I had to move to New Brunswick 13 years ago when my hubbies mother got sick and I had to leave friends and family there but all you girls on these blogs have become my new friends and family and I am very greatful to all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please do come again. I know I don't blog every day but I like to find interestitng outings and different things that I do to not bore you when you visit. Take care, and thank you again for all your love. Lynda Ruth  xoxox  :))


  1. We have the Shriners in tiny cars in our parades too. I love the small horses. :)

  2. Sounds as if you had a fun day. I couldn't believe it when I got your package delivered - it was wonderful and I really appreciate everything you gave to me. I also couldn't believe they were posted way back in July. The stitching is really sweet in you blog too. Have a great week.

  3. Another lovely post love all the photos .
    Your little girl's stitch is soooooo cute love it.
    Thanks for every thing .
    Wishing you a lovely week hugs & xxx.