Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I love my mail person today.

Just when I was starting to doubt the mail service  I get this in my front door. My mail person likes to deliver my large parcels to my door. No one told him to but he sticks all the large parcels in between the screen and front doors. I like to give him an extra nice gift at Christmas for all his wonderful service thru the year. Look at the lovelies I got this morning.

 I first opened the small parcel and found my replacement bottom for my century old bender. It's as old as I am. I like to keep things that work around along time, and this is one of them.
 Parcel number two is from Heather in Ireland and she was my round robin partner this time round. Look at all the wonderful gifts she sent me. By the way she is having an anniversary giveaway on her blog so hop over and have a look. I love the gifts she is giving away but did not enter because I just recieved some wonderful gifts and do not want to look greedy.
 The stitching is fantastic, the shamrock bracelet is to die for, she sent me some heather that I ask her for because I am part Irish and always wanted some heather. Also she sent a lovely card and some floss. What a wonderful treasure. You are a fantastic person Heather, thank you again for these lovelies.

 Last parcel had some charts that I sent for, they where out of some at the time I ordered so I just waited for all of them to come in and asked if all could be sent together and they sent them all together at once. Just wonderful service.
 One day I will stitch all of these Little House Girls, so far I have all up to September.

I love Miss Peeps.

I will now have lots of wonderful charts to stitch and keep myself busy on cold winter days or whenever I get extra time to stitch. Now I have to stock up on fabric so I can stitch some more goodies.

Everyone have a fantastic day like I am having and I will see you all later. love and hugs Lynda Ruth.

May the sun always shine upon you, may the road rise up to meet you and may God hold you in the palm of his hands.


  1. lovely gifts for a wonderful person .hugs.

  2. All looks fantastic! Happy stitching.

  3. ooOoo! Yay! Wonderful goodness. :)

  4. Wonderful gifts. Lovely charts too to keep you busy in the coming months. x

  5. Wow! Beautiful gifts! All the way from Ireland! Hoe special! And all the lovely New stash. Great charts you selected. love Annette

  6. Great goodies!! I love Miss Peeps but my LNS does not have it on stock yet. Your postman definitely needs a BIG Xmas present :)

  7. Yay! Congrats on receiving your new beautiful stash :)

  8. It's always a good day when you get mail!!! Looks like fun days ahead!

  9. WOW! Did you give your mailman a hug when he delivered all these marvelous gifts? - HA!

  10. Oh I love receiving and sending mail!AriadnefromGreece!