Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How my tire garden is growing.

Just thou I would up date you on how my summer garden in the tires is doing. Just going to show some pics.

Strawberries covered so birds don't eat. Have
gotten some already.

Cabbage is starting to take off.

Peas are coming on great.

Beets are starting to do their thing on. They where slow to start growing.

Beans are filling in the tire.
Squash is starting to do their thing, they did not like the hot weather before Aurthur showed up. All surrived.

My tomato plant has some tomato's on it. It dose like lots of water.

Well that's it from the garden.

My peonies before the rain storm.  I hope everyone has a great week. Bye for now. Lynda ruth

 We took a day trip to Nova Scotia and saw a very large blue berry.
 This is a mine that you could go into but I do not like closed in places so we pasted on going into it.

They have a very large salt factory there.

And lots of water to go boating on. I managed to get three boats in a row here.


  1. Your garden is doing really good.
    Love all your photos , hugs and xxx

  2. Garden is looking so good - and what a HUGE blueberry :)