Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Day Trip to Prince Edward Island

Hello everyone, today is Sunday and yesterday my husband and I went on a long awaited trip to Prince Edward Island. I live in New Brunswick so it was only an hours drive to the Confederation Bridge to cross over to the island. I never liked going by ferry. I am not happy in boats so driving over was allot more fun.

Well we made it off the bridge and it was a lovely day it turned out to be sunny and a 29 degress all day.

We stopped at the information centre to get a map and a pit stop, I got myself three pins of the island and then we headed out on our adventure. The island is so big to do in one day so we headed up to Summerside and the top northwest. We went on the west side of the island because it is allot of driving for one day.

A field full of daisies.

A horse keeping cool in the barn

A freshly tilled field planted with potato's. I love their red soil.

We found a beach to explore and we found some sea glass and alittle moth who got too close to the water's edge.

he was alive and wet so I got him out of the water and let him dry in the sun, he was alive a flapping his wings so we put him up under the boardwalk stairs and lefted him to his own.

 Dosen't that water look inviting. It was warm and had a sandy bottom,

 We stopped to have a bit for lunch and a couple from Ontario can down the road looking for a boardwalk to walk along. We told them it was just a sandy beach so they went up the road to find a place to get lobster for lunch.
He had a nice white camero convertiable.

 This was the sign at the start of the road we went down to the beach, and this was on the house across from the road. Any one know who this man was.

 Have you ever driven to the stop of a road and come across a waterfall right in front of you, pretty nice.

We found lots of boats and we ran straight into the wind farm at Wolfe. There was so many wind mills I could not count them all.

Have you ever seen tractors like these, well I haven't so I thought pictures would be good to see.And the next picture you gals won't believe me if I just said I saw this so here if a picture for you.
 Any one want to go shopping and fill this basket.
There where lots of older model cars running the roads too.

 We even found some airplanes for my husband Dave to look at, and I was making a funny here trying to move the propeller. 
 Even found some cows to photo.
 Part of the bridge from the island as we headed back to leave after spending the day on the island having a wonderful time. I love to spend time with my husband, just the two of us doing anything we want and not having anything to bother us. I even left the cell phone turned off.
 This is where you pay to leave the island so they can pay for the bridge. It was only $45.00 and it was well worth the money.
Coming off the island bridge. Welcome to New Brunswick. I do hope we can go again before the summer is over.

 While driving on the island or in New Brunswick we always have to look out for these big guys, they think the roads are theirs and it's not good to run into one. You and your car would not win.
Lastly a picture of my peonies that are starting to bloom in my garden.  Hope you all enjoyed the day trip to the island. We spent 5.5 to 6 hours driving around Prince Edward Island and that was just a small part of the island,Its too big to do in one day, probably take 3 or 4 days to do it.


Just a few extra pictures to look at. I took so many that it would be all day putting them on my blog. hope everyone has a great Sunday and do come back soon. Next time I will have some stitching to show. hugs lynda ruth.

Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a nice day, Maria on This and That is having a Pay It Forward on her blog and I left a comment on her blog. So now I am having a surprise Pay It Forward on my blog and I have picked the first 5 comments to win a surprise stitch from me to be sent out around the end of July. Congrats to Vickie, Kim, Linda, June and Ingrid. You girls will be getting a lovely stitch and a couple of goodies as well in your surprise parcels at the end of July. I like to do giveaways but I like to make them surprises so you never know when you leave a comment on my blog if you will be a winner. Hugs to all the winners and good luck next time to all. 

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies. hugs lynda ruth


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely world. :)

    1. I am glad you like my world. I was thinking of going to Prince Edward Island all winter. That's all I thought about. thanks for reading my blog. lynda ruth

  2. What a wonderful day! Looks like you had such a grand time - thank you for sharing.

  3. Is this the same Prince Edward Island that I have just finished reading about in Anne of Green Gables? Beautiful photos and it's great to be able to spend time with our hubbies doing as you please.

  4. Looks like you and Dave had a great fun day out , beautiful beach.
    Love all your photos and your flowers are so pretty .
    Wishing you a lovely week hugs .

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us :)

  6. Oh, I wish September was tomorrow and I can be there too...

  7. What lovely photographs... what do you do with the sea glass you find? I love days out with my hubby too.. I read back some nice stitching I loved the little mouse.


  8. I have wanted to visit PEI for a very long time. There is a beautiful blog called Aiken House and Garden. They live there and I would so love to visit their gardens, the house, lake and gardeners cottage is a real picture. She has talked about Anne of Green Gables and visited the house.What a dream day for you and your husband, it looks very sunny and fresh. Thank you for the journey.Shirley N.Z.