Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Game for you gals.

 this is what Jacquice stitched for me and I love it. Sweet little mouse doing her gardening.

 I sent her two sheep, I wasn't sure if she would like the first one so I quickly made another and sent it off. Turns out she loved both of them. Worried for nothing.

Next I sent a hummingbird to Michelle, in this pic it's not finished. Forgot to take a finished picture.

This is what Michelle sent me, I just love the cat and the ribbons are great.

I also did a summer exchange and I sent this to Amy in Florida.

I got this from Susan. It's so beachy. love the box.

this is what I sent Kirby in Carol's exchange. Kirby liked it very much.

I think this is all for now. I have a appointment to get to so will see you all later. thanks for dropping by. hugs lynda ruth.

June 20th,2014  I am adding some pictures of my tyre garden. Hope you like the pics.

The birds love strawberries so I have to cover them with cheese cloth so we get to eat them and the birds don't.




Zuccini, cucumbers and squash

Raddish and turnips

My front garden with a sign a neighbor gave me for Christmas when we first moved down to New Brunswick from Ontario.  I have lettuce and celery and flowers in here.

And not allot of weeds in my tyres to have to content with. What do you think. I think this idea will work out quite nicely. Welcome to my new followers, it's nice to have you come and visit. If you have a blog leave me a comment so I may visit you too. Have a nice weekend  hugs lynda ruth

June 27th,2014

Got alittle game for your gals out in blogland to play. I just joined with EvalinaMaria on this and that blog to do a Pay It forward Art making Project for 2014.   I am going to make something for the next 5 persons who make a comment on my blog. I will stitch a surprise for you and add a couple of goodies to go along with it, so come on over and leave me a comment and tell me that you would like me to stitch you a surprise.   hugs to all lynda ruth


  1. I love your peonies on your blog header!!
    Plenty of wonderful gifts received and sent :)

  2. Please you love my mouse :)
    I LOVE the sheep you sent me :)
    I love exchanges, they are so much fun :)
    Your flowers in the header are wonderful :)
    Smiles :)

  3. Great, great gifts! It is so wonderful to see such happiness spread around. :)

  4. What lovely exchanges , love them all. I love your header beautiful flowers hugs.

  5. Very beautiful gifts and gifts you gave. Your header photo of the flowers are gorgeous!
    love Annette

  6. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog!
    What a great exchange, I love both sheep too!
    I am a follwer now.
    Happy weekend (:

  7. Lovely gifts exchanged, very pretty!

    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog re my Mother, she is feeling a little better.

  8. Oh my goodness! What a great blog! So nice to meet you and become a follower. Love the gifts - so pretty -