Monday, May 26, 2014

What a beautiful day.

Some of the flowers in my garden under my maple tree. Looking good so far and it's a rainy Monday.
I was going to start and set up my tire garden as I have decided to call it but it's raining today so I think I will wait. I want to put down black garbage bags first over the area that I want the tires and then fill with soil and plants but I can wait for tomorrow. We had frost on the weekend and I don't want to lose any of my plants at this point in time. I had to bring
 them into the house to keep them warm.

I had a couple come for a morning visit. It is always nice to see these two show up for breakfast.

I have been doing a round robin with June and my first partner Jacquire and myself have finished and recieved our squares so I can now show you what was made. First up is what I did for Jacquire and then what she made for me. We love each others squares.

I did two lambs and a heart in the middle on pink 14 adia.   The lambs are from the lamb series that I am doing.

Jacquire did me a lady mouse doing her gardening and a tag with a potted daisy on it. I just love them.
My daughter Carla finally got her birthday gifts a week ago and loved everything I made and send her. here is a remainder of what I sent to her. She says she has placed everything around her new apartment and she loved the purse and watch the best because she was looking for a new purse for summer and mom sent her the best one ever. I even put candy in the purse as a surprise which she did enjoy.

 There was lots of goodies to keep her happy for along time. Carla said that when I phoned her the first time to see if the box had arrived she said no but would keep an eye out for it. So later that day she decided to visit her boyfriend and she almost tripped over the box when she left her apartment. The mailman had lefted it at her door step, so she hurried over to Chris's place so she could open it with him. They where surprised at how much and what was in the box. If you are giving gifts, I say the more the merrier. Don't you agree it is better to give than recieve. Besides my daughter was married to a man for 13 years who did not allow gifts and she was a child who loved to recieve birthday and Christmas gifts so I think I am trying to make up for lost time. If you know what I mean.

 I am going to plant these in tires so they can be but in a tomato cage to go up straight and strong.


I am stitching Spring Flowers Maidens from the Little Stitcher. This is the first one I am half way finished.
The first is Lavender, the second one is Rose Bud, and the third is Clover. I am not sure if that's the proper names but that's what I call them.

I have started a Flip from Lizzie Kate called June since next month is June. It's a good little chart to do.

I thought I would do me a round wreath to go with the round robin that we are doing with June. Figure I had better add one or two to my own quilt that I am doing.

Well that's all for now, hope you all enjoyed my ramble. Glad to see new followers. I think when I get 50 followers I will have a giveaway. So everyone have a great day off. Do enjoy yourselves where you live. Till next time take care and enjoy life. Be happy and healthy and love the ones your with. hugs Lynda


  1. So much lovely stitching, I really love those lady buds so pretty.
    Your garden is going to look wonderful , hugs.

  2. Loving your planting... it will look wonderful when in bloom :)
    I love your sheep you sent me :) Thank You :)
    And oooh loving your new Lizzie Kate June stitch,cannot wait to see it finished... I love bees too :)
    Smiles to you :) xx