Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two thirds to the triple crown, gardening and a visitor to my back yard.

California Chrome has taken two of the three races to get the triple crown which hasn't been won since Affirmed did in 1978. Twelve others have won the first two but have failed to win number three. We will find out in three weeks in New York if California Chrome will. I have faith in this copper penny to win.

The start of my busy Sunday, my husband built the wall around our maple tree and I had to fill with black soil so I could plant some plants. Dose not look like much right now in this picture but I did manage to fulfill my task and this is what I accomplished.

Some pansies, irises, and a few strawberry plants. More flowers to go in when I am rested up.

Hubby had his own job of  re-sodding the hole on the lawn with some grass seeds and watering after.

He even found time to cut the lawn.

I planted strawberries in a tire to keep them from traveling all over the lawn.

Then we found a visitor around the back of the garage and she was not very afraid of me. I got a couple of good pictures.

This little girl was not afraid of anyone. I think she liked to pose for pictures.

And a final look at my tomato and vegetables to go into the tires when I get them filled with soil. A new way for me to plant my garden this year.

Not any stitching done that I can show right now. I did get a lovely piece of stitching from Jacquire but I can't show it right yet. Will be able in the next blog. Stay tuned for further updates to our round robin with June. Have a great weekend. We still have one more day of rest because of the long weekend. And after today I am definitely resting tomorrow.  Bye for now.

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  1. Oh look at that cute character hiding in your garden... lovely bit of planting there... around your tree will look stunning with beautiful plants around it. And your vegetables are looking really healthy too. Take care :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Your planting looks so good , great idea's .
    Have a rest today and enjoy hugs.

  3. I'm not sure what that little "critter" is from your garage, but it sure is cute!!! I love animals, even when I don't exactly know what they are!
    Seeing your gardening makes me want to go outside and do some planting! Our weather has improved and it's time to get things going in the yard!
    Be sure to hop over to my blog and sign up in the giveaway!!!!
    Have a lovely day!