Friday, April 11, 2014

Life is good.

Look at the lovely gifts that arrived this week from my sis June in England. Don't you just love all the goodies I got. Thanks Sis I love every thing.

All kinds of goodies and the Easter pillow is so sweet. June showed it on her blog this morning.She has been busy making cards with her new card machine because I think she made the butterfly card at the front of the box and the bunny card at the back of the box using her machine. Beautiful work. love them

We went for a drive yesterday because it was so nice and we went to my favorite egg lady who lives in the house above, got some home grown eggs. I had to have a couple with my bacon last night, they where delicious and so fresh. Nothing tastes better than brown eggs.

Any one for a fresh egg sandwich. It was my DH idea to go for a drive and get some fresh farm eggs. He even paid for them.

This is my road leading down to where we live. It is a dead end road which is nice because it's quiet all the time. I live at the end of the road and enjoy the peace of mind I get knowing that at night in the summer I can come out and look up at the heavens and see all the stars shinning brightly and even the space station on a good night.

This is my house and as you can see we still have a pile of snow to get rid of, maybe by the end of April the snow will be all gone. I am hopeful.

I talked to my lovely daughter Carla Lee on Thursday and she has just moved into a new apartment. She was living in a rooming house with just one room for herself. Now she has a kitchen and private bathroom, a living room and a bed room with a built in Captain's bed and lots of closets for her stuff. She is so excited to be there. And she also has free laundry in the basement. How lucky for my girl. I will be making some goodies for her new place. It's a basement apartment but it dose have three large windows for plants. She can't have a cat because the landlords are allergic but fish are good. I think she would rather just have plants anyway. She's not much for cats, I think she is allergic to cat hair anyway. At least she was when she was a little girl she was allergic to almost everything.

Well, I have chatted long enough now. Everyone have a great day. Bye for now Lynda Ruth


  1. Lovely post Sis so happy you like your happy box hugs .

  2. Oh what wonderful goodies from June. Thanks for sharing such nice pictures.

  3. Oh wow! Such wonderful things in your box.... and your photo's are lovely, snow!! Goodness and your house looks lovely :)
    Smiles for your weekend :)

  4. fantastic gifts received from June :D
    The box was full of lovely goodies, very beautiful stitched piece
    June has a very special way to gather things that put a big smile on our faces, she's a sweetheart :)
    Your house is very beautiful, one like in my dreams ;)
    I hope the snow will leave you very soon...;