Saturday, April 5, 2014

At this point in time I'll take the rain.

This month on the 20th of April would have been my dad's birthday. He died a few years back because of complications during an operation on his bowels. He was the best dad ever, never laid a hand on me or ever a cross word and I do miss him so very much. He was one of a kind. The best dad ever. Hope you are enjoy heaven dad. Hugs and kisses dad. I love you dearly.

My youngest daughter Carla Lee is having a birthday this month too. She will be 38 on the 12th of April. I am going to do a cross stitch for her. One of my Stoney Creek monthly's that says "Be Yourself, Dream Big" I know she will like it and I will back it with purple fabric because she likes purple. She just moved into her first bachelor apartment 3 weeks ago. She was living in a rooming house, so having more rooms instead of one will be a big change for her. I got an email from her this morning giving me her new address, so I can send her her birthday present to the right address. I think she thought I might forget. How do you forget the ones you love. You don't ever.

It's raining here today, can you see the rain on the screen of the window. That's my banana plant in the window. It is two plants, mom had a baby off of it's main shoot just after I got it home from the store a week later it had a baby. I think it was lonely for it's own kind. My husband says I have a green thumb, I keep telling him that I have two.

I started some blubs and there are aready up. Even if Spring isn't here yet, I have some spring inside my house with these lovelies. I will show you when they flower.

Some of my plants that have flowers on them.

My stitching that I am doing for June. I finished the stitching, now I just have to make a nice pillow out of it using this fabric. What do you think June. Do you like the fab? Hugs Sis.

As the saying goes "Friends are Flowers that never Fade."

You know you are loved when you have lots of friends who care about you.

Some of my recent stitching,  I have three of the lambs done, and a couple of different charts too.

I thought I would throw this is as a funny. My son gave these silly horses to me for Christmas one year. I think they are so silly. I do love them.

I do hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget to hug the ones you love. Till next time hugs Lynda Ruth. Bye  xxx   Take care everyone


  1. Hello Lynda

    Thank you for following my blog.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad but that is such a lovely tribute, I'm sure that will make him smile up there!

    It has rained here too!
    Your plants look great, you do have green thumbs!
    Lots of lovely stitching too.
    I like the horses, they made me smile.
    Happy weekend.

    1. thanks Sally it's nice to hear from you. yes, those horses are funny. they do make you smile, I do every time I walk pass them. Happy weekend too

  2. Lovely sweet post Sis , sorry about your dad it is hard when we lose our loved ones but I know they are looking over us.
    Lovely stitching and love the one you are stitching for me it is so cute, friends are just the best .
    Love all your plants you do have green fingers , big hugs. xxx

  3. I know you miss your dad--it is so hard to be without someone you love. Mine has been gone for 28 years (he died young) and I still miss him after all this time! I'm sure he loved you as much as you love him!
    Your stitching is beautiful!! And you've got so many done!!! I like all of them, but I especially like the June sheep with the precious heart button and the fabric you selected for it!!! That one is particularly cute!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I have a friend who collects those kind of silly animals :D
    He now has a very big collection of different species with funny faces
    Wish a happy birthday to Carla Lee from a French blogfriend :D
    Lovely stitchings you are sharing again today ! I really have to stitch those sheep you kindly offered me :D
    (but won't stitch them for June hehehe :D )
    have a good weekend