Monday, March 31, 2014

What a surprise!

I just got the best surprise ever. We had a doctor's appointment today and when we returned home, I had an envelope in the mail for me. I do send for a lot of charts and was not expecting this one. I can usually figure out what is coming and this one cot me off  guard. I openned the envelope and found inside two lovely charts signed by the persons who do the charts. These are the charts below.

This one is from Shakespeare's Peddler called "Weeds Make Haste"

And the other one is called" Fruit Game Boards."

I could not think of where they had come from so I got onto Shakespear'sPeddler's blog and found out that because I had ordered two of their charts "Neighborhood Friends' and "Cats in the Garden" to help with a charity for animals, my name was put in a draw and I won. I had no idea my name would go in a draw and am pleasently surprised.  How wonderful. Thank you so much ladies from Shakespear's Peddler.

I just wanted to help out with alittle money for the shelters. I will definetly enjoy stitching these lovely charts.

Hope everyone has a great day. hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. What a lovely surprise - great charts too.

  2. Well done , what a great surprise enjoy your win, hugs.

  3. What beautiful surprise rewards for buying the charity charts. Congrats!

  4. How wonderful and congrats. That was fun mail:) love Annette

  5. what a wonderful surprise in the letter box indeed :D
    they are very beautiful !
    can't wait to see them stitched by you :)