Friday, August 12, 2022

Down the road I go

 I know I have not been blogging for awhile because of health issues. I had water on my lungs and have been taking pills to get rid of it. I saw my heart doctor on Wednesday and he said the water is gone but put me on a higher pill to try and get some water out of my body. He told me that my heart dose not stop pumping in and out. It is suppose to take a small break between the beats but mine dose not do that. My pace maker only keeps the sinus  node working because it likes to slow down and stop.  They don't have pacemakers to regulate fast hearts. I am on a pill to try and slow my hearth some more.  

My doctor wants me to try and lose some weight so I need to go for walks. Not long ones just for alittle ways. I went yesterday but today my body aches. This is the road coming from my house and going down to the highway.




This is what I am using to get around, I push it down the road and sit on it every time I get tired, so I sit down on my walker. I am 73 years old. So I am a little old lady.

I walked up to the top of the hill and stopped to play with the 3 little goats penned beside the road. Everyone stops to see the goats. It' lots of fun.

I stayed for awhile and then came home after a few stops to rest on the way. My driveway is a length too.

Well, that all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend. I am going to try and see some friends from Ontario and rest most of the weekend. Bye for now Be safe. Big hugs


  1. Oh yeah, I want to lose weight too, and going for a walk is a good place to start, you can take it slow and then build it up. cute little goats.
    Have a nice weekend and have fun with your friends, Martina

    1. thanks for the encouragement. Yes, we had supper out with Roger and Jean and a nice long visit in the motel room after. Haven't seen them in a couple of years. It was great to be with friends from Ontario. Hope we seen them again next year.

  2. What a nice walk for you , love the goats so sweet .
    I could not lose weight ,so I cut my food in hafe and it worked , I am fitting in all my old dresses again ha.
    I hate diets and knew I would never keep to them , this way is easy so I can eat the same food as Ron but smaller helpings .
    My friend also uses her walker , she gets every where .
    Hope you start to feel better soon , all my love June.

    1. thanks for the comment. I had a good walk and we had a great time with friends from Ontario. Haven't seen Jean and Roger since before the virus started. We had a great supper out and a good visit after wards. Hated to come home but you know you can't stay all night. Yes, the little goats are so cute. big hugs love you too Lynda

  3. What a wonderful walk you have! Those goats! :) I hope you are able to lose weight this way. June's way sounds great too. Take care Lynda.

  4. Sorry about your heath issues. It's been too hot here to go walking but it's a good way to start exercising. Loosing weight is hard, June's idea of cutting portion size is a great idea