Friday, April 30, 2021

Where has the months gone. It's May already.

 I have some photo's to show you today. I got new cards for my camera, thanks to hubby. I made some big bagels and they where yummy. I bought a Calla Lily and it will go out in my garden once the weather and the garden are ready.

We finally got a new screen door, only been waiting since last November for it. It's nice to have the door open again.




Do you see me in the new door. 

Here are 2 photo's of my side garden that I will get too once the rains stop long enough for me to get the weeds out and the seeds in.


I have 15 daffodils up this year. They do multiply. They will stay in the garden.

My neighbor used his chain saw and got rid of the tree that was at the end of the garden, it was getting over grown and I want to plant flowers.


This is the front garden, it needs lots of work this year. I will get to it.

 Our neighbor up the road has some little goats and this mamma had the baby this year. He has three of them but I don't know if the other goat is male or female or the father of the baby.

That's all I got for now. I don't have any stitching to show right now. Next time for sure. 

Hope you all are safe, I get my first needle next Tuesday,  May 4th. Hubby had his first two weeks ago.

Until next time. big hugs Have a great weekend.


  1. What a lovely header .
    Love the photos , oh and the baby goat is so beautiful .
    Lovely daffodils , and I can see you are ready for gardening soon.
    Take care , good luck on your vaccine , I have my 2nd one Thursday .

  2. Lynda Ruth: This is a fun post, such cute photos of the goats.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you are planting in your garden this year.
    It seems that all lumber windows and doors are on back order every where, I am sure Jasmine can see out the new door.


    1. Yes, windows and doors are on back order every where. Jasmine loves the new door, she kept running in and out while we where putting the door in. I love the little goats, so sweet. Yes, I can't wait to get planting my flowers and vegetables. hugs