Sunday, October 13, 2019

Thanksgiving Weekend.

I can't believe it is half way thru October and only two months left in this year. Where did the year go and why are the years going so quickly.

I thought I would show a few of my autumn stitching done up.

The fish got a good cleaning yesterday and the big long catfish gave me a shower. You can see one at the bottom of the tank on the right side. In large the photo and you will get a better look. I have three and two of them are very big. There is one of the smaller different type catfish to the left of the big one on the bubble tube, and you get a good look at some of the other fishes.

Been making bread again. We are having a nice roast for supper and then a turkey for Monday, which is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

This plant Loretta gave me a couple of months back and it now has a bloom on it, some kind of peace lily.

My ivy where out in my greenhouse most of the summer and now will go upstairs into my sewing room.

 Some of the plants that I have in my kitchen window which will go upstairs too, because this window gets really cold in the winter and plants don't like to be cold. I know I don't.

 I am still knitting dish cloths. I like this blue wool.

 Been doing some cross stitch and finished this one. The trees are not the same colour because I picked up a different green. Not using the colours given. I did the trees different because trees in the woods are not all the same colour.

I like this little house with the blue and yellow bird on top, again in my own choice of colours.

 I am doing a scissor keep and using a pattern from one of my magazines, I love violets. The smaller piece is a pin cushion.

 I like June's header so I found the chart and am doing one for me. I have got the other 3 seasons and will do them too. Lots of stitching to do this winter as long as I stay healthy.
It's been two weeks and my ear is healed and I can hear again. I do have a small hole in my right ear drum and hope it will heal by itself. I use a hearing aid for that ear.

 I found this October Word Play stitching while looking thur boxes and I had done half of it and will not finish it off and make a pillow out of it. There is not allot more to do. Most of it was done up to the word pumpkin but started from the right side. I do not remember why I started it that way usually start in the middle and work outwards. Must have been a Senior moment.

This is a photo of some of the trees in our back yard. I do love the Autumn colours.

Well, I must go and put some more laundry in the dryer and get the roast ready to cook and peel some potato's for supper. I think a nice hot cup of coffee is a good idea too. Hope you all who are celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends have a great weekend and the ones who will celebrate next month have a grant time with family and friends too. But most of all be safe and enjoy each other. Big, Big Hugs. Lynda Ruth.


  1. Hope your ear is much better.
    Love your beautiful trees just beautiful.
    Lovely stitching , bread looks yummy too.
    Your plants are looking pretty .
    Have a lovely Thanks giving and your display looks wonderful .

  2. Lynda Ruth: I am so happy your ear is healing.
    Your designs are lovely, I love October play.
    I am looking forward to seeing the scissor case and pin cushion when finished.