Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lots of Purple Things

How is everyone taking the heat we have been having these last few days around the globe. It is hotter than normal for this time of year. Wow, not complaining too much but some temps are too hot like 36 degrees C on Thursday. The heat got to me. We had gone on a car mystery drive to start off this weekend's Atlantic National's. Walking up a hill to a cool building for a b.b.q got the best of me. Hard to breathe and not fun. We stayed for about 2 hours and called it time to leave. Dave took the Camaro to downtown yesterday for the big down town show of all the cars for this year but a very big thunderstorm showed up to get everyone there soaked and it wasn't long before he came home and called it quits for that outing.
 Now Dave will spend two days at the car show at the park in Moncton. He has lots of water and his lunch for the day. My back is hurting so much this weekend that I plan to do nothing more than rest it. I ache from the top of my shoulders to the bottom of my butt. Mostly on the right side so I think I will just do alittle stitching or something to keep me in a sitting position so I do not do allot of anything to further harm my back and cause me more pain. I hope the doctor can find a fix for this.

Here is a shot of everyone lined up for a breakfast of pancakes, sausages, eggs, beans and toast with tea, coffee, apple and orange juice to wash it all down with. Yummy.

 Now for the show of purple, but not the first photo, it's a show of blue. This is my first attempt at doing a polymer clay mermaid.  I will get better.

Now to show you purple flowers on my front porch. This flower pot is surviving the heat pretty good as long as I dump lots of water in it. I just love these purple petunia's.

All my clematis but one have flowered and this one decided to open this weekend. Look at the pretty purple flowers that are almost black in colour. There about 10 blooms to open, how lucky am I. I thought it was like the others that where bigger. Nice to have a different one.

 Here is a photo of the whole plant climbing up the porch. Look close and you can see all the blooms  plus another flower at the bottom other side of the post.

 My rose bushes are blooming good this year.

  I knew the peonies would be shocked when moved but I did get two blooms on one of them. There where lots of buds but they did not amount to flowers. I know next year they will bloom like they have in the past and there will be lots of flowers on them.

 My vegetable garden is doing good and the second crop of beans are doing great too.

 Now I am off to see what I can do for the day. Hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks to you all for coming bye to see what I have been doing in my little corner of the globe, Hugs


  1. Sounds like you and Dave were busy. Your flowers look pretty good considering the heat. My garden is starting to suffer a bit.

  2. Hi Sis you look like you and Dave had a great day ,take care in the heat .

    Here it's bee to hot this weekend to enjoy it ,and the nights are even hotter.

    Wow look at your flowers you really have green fingers ,they alllook so beautiful and so are your veg .

    Enjoy the rest of your day hugs.