Thursday, July 26, 2018

Busy Week

These eggs where as good and delicious as they look with some having double yolks in them.

Now, I have been busy this week doing little jobs around the house that you guys do quickly or quicker than I can with this back of mine. I how have 3 vibrates  that are flat , 3,4,5. So standing for a long time to clean something is torcher for me. The back aches from my butt into the top of my shoulders and even trying to do exercises like leg lifts and bending your legs to your chest, Boy, dose that ache afterwards. I have to get the Tylenol with codeine and sit for awhile to releave the pain.

Anyway, I did manage to do a couple of things this week with a warning from hubby to not overdue. So I did manage to do a fridge cleaning and a cupboard uncluttering and rearranging, doing it two different days. I use to be able to clean the whole house in a day when I was younger and now it's one thing at a time on one day at a time. I am not complaining I am just saying that if you do manual labor all your life things happen to your back and whole body.  Next life I am coming back as a cat who gets pampered all the time. Don't we wish.

Okay, now it's time to see what growing in my garden. I did plant peas and cucumbers on the porch in a flower box and they are doing great. The birds got the first lot because they where in the tires and I could not see what was happening with them. Sneaky birds.                                                                   

Yes, it is raining today, which is good for the grass and the vegetables. Oh, just to let you know I have been stitching alittle. This is what I have been working on . A small flower and a free chart from The Little Stitcher who is one of my favorite persons who dose lovely charts. Thank you Little Stitcher.

Now, I am done here so I am off to find some breakfast and sit outside and enjoy the rain falling. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me comments. Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the weekend. Big Hugs.                                                                                                                             

I did make some more bagels and they are yummy.


  1. Your garden looks healthy. Nice project and yes, she us a lovely designer. Yum for the bagels. I must try them again.

  2. I am having one now. Take care and have a great day. hugs

  3. I plan to stitch that new freebie by the Little Stitcher too. ;)

  4. Oh Sis your garden looks lovely and so green , every where here is now yellow ,we have our garden and craft show tomorrow ,and it's going to be hard to find any flowers many of them are baked up.

    Take care with your cleaning , Love your header . Your stitching looks great too. Hugs

  5. Lynda Ruth: I clean in two day increments, that way I do not over do it at almost 70 years of age.
    You garden looks lovely peas are one of my favorite veggies to eat raw, yummy in my tummy.
    I am happy you did some stitching, you chose such sweet designs.
    I do hope your back stops bother you, I have never had a back problem and hope I never do.
    Your baked goods look yummy.