Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Up coming surgery.

Well, I went and saw my family doctor who was so surprised to hear the news. She has been puzzled by my sickness and finally we have a reason why so may things wrong and nothing would fix them. I do not have sleep apnea, do not need puffers, have good lungs and a healthy heart except for the sinus node that dose not work properly. It is to slow so the pacemaker has fixed all that was wrong with me. And the good news of the week is on the 20th of this month I will be going in to have my shoulder finally operated on and fixed so it can heal thru the winter months. Finally some good news.

We went to our favorite beach last weekend and collected allot of rocks to do thru the winter. I have two large bags full of rocks and have sorted them out. Dave sure has a good eye for getting the best ones.

When these rocks are polished you should see the arrange of colours that they have. I have some now that are three weeks away from being finished.

I guess this will be the last photo of the house before winter comes.

It's a windy day and my friend Loretta is hanging her sheets out to dry in the breeze.

Time to take the hummingbird feeders down for another summer. the little guys and gals have gone south now. Well, my hanging flowers lasted until this month.

 Jasmine watching the birds on the lawn eating popcorn.

 And here is what is left of my blooming flowers in my garden. It will look better next year.

 Atleast my rose bush is flowering with lots of blooms.

 I don't have any stitching right now but I did make a couple of butterflies and a blue rose.

It's not prefect but it's close. Hope you all have a great day. Big hugs from New Brunswick. Bye for now.


  1. Lovely post Sis , love the flowers your house looks so pretty.
    And not long to go for you now , you will soon be all mended .
    There is a little gift on it's way should be there soon, hugs.

  2. So beautiful stones!Wishing you all the best for your surgery.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I love the idea of polished stones and di not realize that they took some time to do. Glad your overall health is okay and you will do well with the shoulder surgery. Sad to see a garden getting ready for winter. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  4. Lynda Ruth I am praying for your surgery.♥

  5. KindaRuth: I am so happy you are able to have the surgery, Mike had his rotator cuff surgery last year and has not regretted it, his shoulder is like a new one now, good luck I hope your recovery is quick.
    Love the butterfly's and flower so sweet.
    Is that a Shepherds Bush Pattern I see under that lovely flower?
    I am a rock collector myself, some people think I am a little crazy, they look so pretty in baskets on my front porch and of course I am planning on painting the ones that are in the shape of an egg for Easter next year.


  6. Best wishes for your surgery, I will be looking forward to hearing how you are progressing favourably. Great shiny stones, they are amazing. Love the dear little crochet butterflies and rose. We are in Spring and it's actually not a very nice one. Huge amount of rain, days on end, it's so wet out and very cool. Still needing heating on. Nice photo of your home with the green grass around. Hope you have an Indian Summer .The hanging basket is looking good.Take care. Have a good week.

  7. Great pictures! Your friend is asking for trouble standing on that little thing to hang up clothes. Hope the surgery goes well!