Saturday, April 1, 2017

Retirement at last.

Today is the first day of my retirement. It is a happy bitter sweet day. We did not do allot of work yesterday but at day's end when I said goodbye to some of the NB Power guys I have had the pleasure to work with over the years (10) it was sad to say goodbye and get  big hugs form them. They wished me luck and to stay busy. I will miss getting up in the mornings and going to work with Dave. I will miss being with him the most. We always worked together and now he will have different partners to work with. I almost cried when we emptied the car of my coats, gloves, my hat and vests that I used. It will be different for awhile until I get use to this new way of life. It's been along time in coming.
I took Dave out to Swiss Chalet for supper last night to celebrate. We don't drink so we had root beer each. Dave usually has a large glass of milk and I have tea. The food and the service was good. We did manage to arrive and finish before the crowds started to show up. There was along line up when we left.

Well, I did get a surprise on Friday when we got home. I joined the tea cup exchange and there on my door step was my gift from Linda Shukri from Prince Edward Island. I must go and visit her if she is a mind to have me. We live so close to each other. Province wise that is. Here is what I got from my new sweet friend. I do so love everything she sent and I especially love the cup and saucer.
 I was gifted with chocolates, some jam and some black tea with Melissa and Mint. I am going to try some as soon as I post this blog.

 I have been knitting on scarves and have two on the go right now. I did another one and sent to my friend Reba in North Carolina. She was surprised and delighted with her gifts. I just told her I was sending a surprise envelope and she got it last week. I sent a parcel to Andrea in Greece and I hope she gets hers soon and lets me know how she liked her scarf. I do love making them and plan to make allot.

 Just wanted to show how good my avacada plants are doing.

Well, like I said I am going to put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of tea. I will be sending an email to Linda to thank her also. Take care my friends and I now will be able to post more. Oh, yes, for all of you who know that I have a shoulder that needs surgery, I have an appointment with my doctor on  this coming Thursday to talk about when he will operate and I am looking forward to then. It's been a hard battle each day to work with this shoulder than aches in the cold and grinds all the time when you move it.  So all take care, do enjoy your weekend and I will be back another day. Big Hugs from New Brunswick.  xxx


  1. Congratulations Lynda Ruth. You will love retirement! I hope the shoulder surgery comes quickly.

  2. Happy well earned retirement! Lovely warm knitted scarves and hope you had a good appointment with your doc about your shoulder woes. Good Luck

  3. Hi Sis , the day is here and yes I thought you may feel bitter sweet and it will take time to get use to it.
    But you will love the freedom to do what you want . You have beautiful Spring to look forward to.
    Hope all goes well on Thursday . Hugs.

  4. Enjoy your retirement time!!! Freedom at last :)

  5. Congratulations! It was a hard month for me when I retired 2 years ago, not structure to my day but I got used to it and love being on my own time. Keep us updated on the shoulder issue.

  6. Thanks for posting your thank you note to me, Lynda, on receiving the tea cup gift! :-)

  7. Congratulations for your retirement and enjoy a new good life! I am sorry about your shoulder and hope it will heal real soon! I haven't received your scarf yet and will let you know as soon as it arrives!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Congratulations on your retirement you will love being able to make things, beachcoming in the Summer,gardening. Best wishes with your appointment for your shoulder. Love your little nymph on your header.

  9. So excited for you, Lynda!! May your retirement bring many fun times and relaxation your way. I'm now thinking about retiring next year quite seriously :)

    Lovely teacup and knitting... Enjoy your week and all of your newfound freedom!

  10. Good for you Lynda Ruth. I have a tread mill for several years now. I cannot risk falling in the weather outside with my bad hip, so I walk inside. Works great! I read at the same time. Sometimes I listen to books on loan from the library also.