Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just waiting for Spring

Hope everyone is well, I have not been around for awhile because I have not had anything to write about. Did wish June a wonderful 50th anniversary and many more wonderful years with Ron. Hope they get over the flu soon. We have had cold weather here and allot of rain. Most of our snow is gone now and hopefully it will stay away. Well, I have just 15 more working days to go and then I can retire. Looking forward to that. Have been doing some knitting and I have joined two exchanges but can't show anything right now. Would not want to spoil the surprises for anyone.
Here is one that is part way done. It is finished now but I can't find the finished photo. Too many photo's to go thru.
Any way I will return before the end of the month with some stitching. Take care everyone. big hugs from a cold and windy New Brunswick.


  1. Nice knitting Sis, not long to go now and you can relax.
    We are getting better two steps forward then it seems three back ha.
    Never mind I have been resting .
    So happy your snow is gone and you can look forward to planting in your garden ,
    Hugs to you both .

  2. Hope you have a great retirement!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. What pretty knitting. You are very close to retirement now Lynda Ruth!!

  4. Some great knitting there Lynda Ruth. Hopefully you are getting into spring soon and you can enjoy the start of your retirement.We have had rubbish Summer and lots of rain. A weather bomb has hit N.Z. this last couple of days, massive amount of rain and temps of 25 deg.c which makes it horribly humid. The flowers and vege garden like it as do the farmers. Have a good week.Hugs

  5. Love the colors in that piece. Congratulations on the upcoming retirement. Hope the snow is really gone for you and will not make a sneak appearance again!

  6. Congratulations on your retirement you will love being able to make things, beachcoming in the Summer,gardening. Best wishes with your appointment for your shoulder. Love your little nymph on your header.