Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nice surprise.

Hi everyone, it seems that I just got another surprise this week. First hubby gets me a new car and now when I got home, a surprise from Kim in celebration of her 60th birthday year.. What a wonderful woman she is, and such lovely gifts too. I am thrilled to have been encluded in one of the blogger friends she decided to gifted. This is what she sent to me and I am so thrilled. Thanks again Kim. You are a treasured friend.

Just love everything, and the jar is hand painted. hugs to everyone. Bye


  1. Wow!!!! I had to make this picture bigger and zoom in on that jar. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Oh, Lynda Ruth! I'm so happy you're pleased with your gifts. The Satsuma tea caddy is definitely one of a kind.....the painting was intense and very time consuming....but the result was more rewarding than I could have imagined. Definitely one of a kind. I'll never make one like it again.
    Enjoy, my friend

  3. What lovely gifts! Kim matched her gifts to the recipient's likes so beautifully. I know you'll enjoy the tea caddy and "snack mat" (since I don't know what to really call it, but I like that name!)

  4. A fabulous gift to receive. Love your header picture Lynda Ruth. Hope all is well with your retirement and wonderful getting a new car.