Sunday, November 20, 2016

I got a surprise this weekend.

We took a drive on Saturday to Nova Scotia, to Dartmouth, Halifax to a car dealership to look at a 2011  Chev Malibu, and we took it for a test drive and got it for a really good price. It was only alittle over $3300.00 with all the taxes and their sales percentage.It was a wet rainy day and it poured even harder on the way back home. But, I got to drive her home,so it was okay.                                          

 This is the dealer ship we got the car from.

See how crapy the weather is on the way home. Lots of fog and rain.

 When we stopped at the toll crossing, the lady in the booth really liked my car and she was especially thrilled when I told her that my hubby just got it for me in Dartmouth and we where driving home.
 Here are some photo's of me and what my car looks like. What do you think.

 The colour is suppose to be Black Granite Metallic. I named her Babe. I name all my cars don t you.

 Lots of room all way around. Well, see you guys later. Big hugs from me. Bye xxx


  1. Great deal and beautiful car. Congratulations.....

    1. Glad you like it. hugs We will need a car for me when I retire and this was a really good deal.

  2. Nice car Sis , you have a nice big smile on your face , you must yournew babe .
    You weather looks just like ours right now rain and gales.
    Have a good week .

  3. Congrats!Beautiful car!Safe travels!AriadnefromGreece!