Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunny Saturday in New Brunswick

Hello, everyone I am back to show you how my garden is doing and some of my flowers. We have had allot of rain and we even got caught out in the rain storm on Thursday afternoon. It did not even sprinkle it just poured, to late to even run for cover even if we could have gotten off the road in time. Everyone on the crew got drown. Men sure don't like to get wet, I just stood there and watched them trying to get a long pole off the trailer and drop it in the ditch and run for cover. I just laughed and stood watching. What's alittle water anyway, I planned on having a shower when I got home so I had one with my clothes on. Boy, it sure poured for about half an hour and then it stopped. It was one of those storms moving thru. Here on minute and gone the next. Good thing it was close to finishing for the day. Dave said afterwords I should have brought shampoo so I could have washed my hair. Men, what they don't think of.

Okay, on with the show. I do have one stitching to show you. It's from Danybrod. I am not sure if I will take one of the right flowers out and replace with a lighter colour. I did not have the same colours for the chart. Did my best to match but one seems too dark. Let me know what you think.
I think the middle flower should be lighter. Now on with the flower show. Peonies first. Always so big and beautiful.

 These are my roses. I love roses in the garden but not in the house, I don't like long stemmed roses, just Carnations for indoor bouquets.

 My snow ball bush has small white flowers on it and I just love the way it looks.
 the flowers are so sweet and I even got a visitor. Can you see it.
 My potato's are doing great.
 Isn't this bush of roses pretty. Yellow and pink. I know someone with poodles who would love the pink. Don't you.
 Isn't this just alovely picture of the front of my house with all the canes gone. Looks so clean now.

 When we where in Alma last week I got a new door welcome sign. Do you like it?
 Jasmine is doing just fine without her sister. She dose hate to see us just leave in the morning but Dave gives her a big cuddle before we go. This is a close up of the front so far, I have planted some
flowers and seeds and hope to plant more but the rain has stopped me from doing any. I am also waiting until the end of the season to get some plants on sale. Will build it up as I go along. Can't afford to spend too much money on filling in the bare holes. It would cost too much. Alittle at a time.
 I do have to transplant these into my garden when the sun goes down. Lily whites will look good in the garden, I hope to get more roses bushes too.
See, I even have a rose from the red bush which is suppose to climb on my desk. It is so pretty. Well, I am off to town to mail my daughter's anniversary gift and do some shopping. Thanks for all who came to visit me. Love to hear all your comments and welcome to all new visitors to my little part of heaven in New Brunswick. See you all later, take care and big hugs to all. xxx


  1. The garden looks so inviting! Wonderful colors with all the blooms.

  2. Wow Sis garden looks so great , love all your plants and the roses are just beautiful .
    I like the Dany stitch looks fab. Have a lovely weekend .

  3. Why yes, I do like those pink and yellow roses!! :D And your many, many other flowers. The ones in your header are gorgeous also!

  4. Your garden is looking wonderful in the Summer sun. Love your roses and the snowball tree. Adore the Paeonies, they are so special. Don't change your colourings in your lovely piece of stitchery, it looks pretty good to me. Having a lot of rain here where we live in N.Z. hasn't been really cold yet, pity the skiers. I guess there is time for snow yet, July/ August. Have a great week Lynda. Hugs, Shirley

  5. Great stitching!
    Love your peonies! They are my favourites but mine are gone now...

  6. Beautiful garden. Love your new welcome sign. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Lynda Ruth: I too would change the middle flower color.
    Love your flowers photos.
    Poor Jasmine.