Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring is finally here.

My rhubarb is coming up and I can't wait to make a rhubarb pie with it. My tulips are coming up in their tire and I planted some potato's in a tire on the porch because they had already sprouted.
I finished my stitching for Carla's birthday and I am doing a anniversary stitching for Crystal and Brett.

 We had to put in new stairs yesterday, the other one was getting pretty bad to walk up.
 My yellow tree is starting to get leaves and buds on it.
 My poor cat Buttons is getting old (13) and she has lost allot of weight and is not eating allot. I think her time is almost up with us. But she has had a good life of living inside and being loved. We will miss her dearly.
Now she only sleeps most of the day and night and hardly eats. I try giving her soft food and cat milk but she eats very little of it. One day she will not wake and I think Dave will be very upset. She now lays in his lap at night and she never would before only sit on the side of his chair.

Hope you all have a good Sunday. Bye for now. Hugs


  1. So happy your Spring is now with you.
    Oh such pretty stitching , what lovely colours .
    Lovely to see all your flowers coming out . Happy Spring Sis big hugs.

  2. Very pretty stitching!
    Spring has definitely sprung!!

  3. The anniversary stitching is especially darling.
    I am so sorry about Buttons Lynda Ruth. It is hard, isn't it? I am glad she finds such loving comfort in your husband's lap.

  4. Glad you're enjoying Spring especially after the winter snow. Very pretty stitching. Buttons is so lucky to have you and Dave.

  5. I am happy Spring has sprung at last there!But I am sorry your cat is not feeling well!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Lovely sorry to hear about's so hard to say good-bye, even when we know the time has come to let go. My heart is with you....Dave....and Buttons.