Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nature's Wonders

I have been sick for awhile and have not had the energy to blog. I am feeling better now and have decided to put this blog up today. I had a very wonderful encounter with Nature yesterday. It was a wonderful surprise to me and my hubby. We went to work and it was raining very hard and usually when it rains we get signed off and go home. But today, our truck needed us to go with them to Memramcook for a power outage. When we got to the back road, we found a big branch had fallen over the hydro lines and needed to be removed. It was a very big branch with lots of smaller branches on it, and because of the rain it was soaked and was very hard to cut thru. While Neil and Jim tried to remove the branch, Dave and I watched the not so busy road. We decided to have some breakfast like we do every day and when I opened my zip bag to get my muffin out, a small chick-a-dee decided to have breakfast too. The next thing we see is allot of chick-a-dees landing on my hand and looking at us. It was so wonderful to feel their small bodies on my hand and the feel of their tiny feet was so incredible it was like holding a piece of heaven in your hand, even one little guy tried to bite my finger but I did not care at the moment in time. One little bird even landed on hubbies hand too. It was such an inspiring feeling to have them fly into you and not be afraid that they would be hurt in anyway. That is a feeling I will never forget for the rest of my life. We did not have a camera to take photo's but the pictures of that day will be edged in my mind forever.

I have seen a number of Robins this past week and all our snow is gone so I do think Spring is on it's way as soon as April leaves us. I have done some stitching and will show you now.

I am doing a small chicken for a penpal friend and this is it to be sewn up and then I have crochet a lace to go around. I is just pinned on right now.
I think it will look great when done. I also did the rabbit from Dany but I did colours and will make a pillow and sent to my daughter Carla.
I like it with some colour to it and I just love the goose trying to follow the rabbit. I think he took her eggs.
 I tried my hand at crocheting some dolies. I think they turned out okay.

Below is a anniversary stitching that I am doing for my oldest daughter for her anniversary in July.
I have to put the date on the left beside the male bird and their names on the right beside the female bird. I have not decided what colours to use yet. I am doing this slowly and when the stitching is done I plan to find some wedding fabric and do a trim around the stitching and then the back, so I will be out looking for the right fabric. Any ideas would be helpful.

Well, guys I have nothing else to show so I will leave you now. Thanks to you all for coming to visit me and I hope not to be gone to long next time but I was so drained I had no strength to do anything. Hugs to all. Bye for now.


  1. That experience with the birds is priceless!Thanks for sharing!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. You were so blessed to have those birds trust you so fully. They know a kind soul when they're near one! Your stitching is all beautiful.

  3. I am sorry you were so unwell Lynda Ruth. How very wonderful with the chickadees. You have chosen such sweet projects.

  4. Hope your feeling better sweet friend .
    Wow the story of the little birds is wonderful , life is good .

  5. Sorry you have not been feeling well...hope you are on the mend now. How lovely to share your muffin! Great projects....

  6. Oh, Lynda-Ruth! I'm happy you're feeling better - and loved reading about the birds - what a great memory. Your stitching and crochet lace are beautiful.stay well, my friend.

  7. So glad that you're feeling better. Lucky you to have the chickadees visit, definitely a great memory. I love the crochet trim for your stitching. Take care.

  8. That sounds like a beautiful experience! Lovely stitching and crochet :D

  9. Lynda Ruth: It sucks to not feel well, maybe with the warmer weather you will get past this.
    I love the chicken and the crochet is perfect.
    All your projects are so sweet.
    The Sampler for your Daughter is lovely.


  10. Lovely stitching going on there :) Love the crochet doilies xx

  11. Lynda, great post, loved the story about the little birds and your lunch. Lots of lovely stitching, too.