Thursday, February 26, 2015

If we get any more snow I moving to a warmer climate like the Amazon.

I can have my own toboggan slide down my driveway if I wanted to.Can you believe all this snow, we have never had snow like this in years and it just keeps coming. I thank God every day that my husband bought that tractor to plow all this snow. He would have killed himself if he had just the push blower to use and I think we would have ran out of money to pay the neighbor to do the plowing.

 This is our entrance to the house.
 This is the back yard and that small red dot is on a stick that is seven feet high, so you can see how much snow is in our back yard at this moment in time. Too much for my liking.
 It's a wonder the mail lady can find our mail boxes in all this stuff.
 Behind Dave is a ever growing pile of snow which is now over 8 feet tall.
This is the lobster in Shediac, we went up to work there this morning and I had to get a picture.

 These are the buildings along side the lobster.

Our driveway is just nice and wide for our car, but it is down hill and we have to watch out for neighbors coming down the road.

 This is part of our road that we use to get to the highway, it's a dead end road.
 This is coming down the hill to our house and below is our house from the road. You can just see the top of the house and if we get more snow, you may never see it again.
Winter can leave any time now because I have had all the cold wind and snow to last for the rest of my life. Next month is my anniversary month that I started to blog last year. It has been allot of great fun to write and join in on all the exchanges and stitching that we did last year. I would like to have a giveaway so tell me what you would like, a hand stitched item from me or a chart that you like to do yourself. Leave me an email so I can get in touch with the winner,say I will pick a winner on the 7th of March. Well, I will get hubby to pick a winner for me, so leave me a comment and tell me what you liked about my blog. This is open to all followers now and any new followers to want to join in on the fun. Big hugs for now. Lynda Ruth xxxx


  1. We had snow like this the winter before we moved here from New York. It snowed from December to April...way too much! I do not miss it at all.Now when I want to see snow, we hop in the car and drive an hour to Mt. Hood! Stitched items are always nice, but so are charts!! Please add my name to your giveaway whatever you choose to do! and stay warm!!

  2. Oh so much snow! I have never seen so much!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Too much snow for me also. It is gorgeous though.
    I love seeing your world. You share so many of your outings with us. And you shared your sea glass with me!

  4. Wow!! The only place I have been in snow this bad was in Andorra... But that was fun! Take care of yourselves and stay warm... Thank you so much for sharing your amazing snowy pictures :)
    Smiles :)

  5. Oh my all that snow wow and wow, we have only a dusting I am praying for more snow the farmers need it for the spring planting.
    Stay safe in the snow.


  6. Wow, look at all that snow! And happy blogoversary :D It must have been a lovely year of blogging. I loved that you were my exchange partner last year - you absolutely spoiled me! I'd love to be in your draw.

  7. Amazing pictures!!! It looks wonderful but it must be a real chore for you all to keep things clear...
    When you think I'm complaining when we have 2 inches of the stuff!!! :D
    Happy blog anniversary, it is always fun to read your post.
    Stay safe & warm xx

  8. You sure have a lot of snow! We measure in inches, you measure in feet! Happy Blogoversay! A year already? Here's to many more fun years of blogging!

  9. Wow. We have snow, but I think you have us beat on inches. Looking forward to Spring -
    Hugs from Iowa, USA (-35 wind chill)

  10. Just too too much snow! You be careful out there!

  11. I don't blame you for being fed up with all that snow, it seems endless. I have never been n snow so can only imagine it. I guess it must isolate you too. Amazed that posty is still able to deliver. Your blog is warm and friendly Lynda Ruth and very homely. Also love to see what you are making. Enjoyed reading about your Prince Edward Island adventure.would love to be entered into your giveaway draw. How do your 2 cats like this weather? Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  12. Wow so much snow..I can't believe it...oh dear I love it.
    Please count me in your draw thank you xx