Tuesday, February 17, 2015

After the Storm and Pancake Tuesday.

 Ms. Buttons is fed up with all this snow and she dosen't even go outside, but her daddy dose and she hates to see him leave. He has been busy cleaning the driveway and our other neighbours too.

 It suppose to snow again on Thursday and I would rather it did not.

 Looking out to the back of our yard, Dave is keeping it cleared wide because we don't know how much more snow we will get. It's only the middle of February and there is more winter to come.

 This is going down our driveway to the road, could not work yesterday because the plow had not come down our road when we where ready to go to work, so I called my new boss and he said that was okay. He is a nice guy and our job is going great. He had a pizza night last Friday so we could mean the new owners and the other flaggers. It was fun, I did not have to cook.

 This is the porch, even getting drifts on it too. I am glad the bbq is tied down other wise it would have been some  where on the front lawn with all the wind we had yesterday.

Guess who came last night to get something to eat. He wasn't afraid so I got a good picture of him.

He comes when he can and I am hoping that the ladies and other males surive the winter. I like it when they bring the babies around to show them where the food is.

We just got home from work and it's Pancake Tuesday here so I am going to make some pancakes and bacon for supper. Sounds good. Hope everyone is safe and warm, and I am hoping spring will get here soon. Bless you all.  hugs Lynda Ruth xxx


  1. Well the snow looks so pretty but you must be getting fed up of it .
    Great photos hugs.

  2. All that snow is so much hard work when you have to go out. All that time keeping drives clear!!
    So pretty but hope you won't get to much more :)
    Hope you enjoyed your pancakes!! I certainly did :)

  3. Oh Linda! The pheasant is a real beauty. What a nice visitor.
    In our church we had pancake dinner on Sunday. :)

  4. That's a lot of snow..but it's pretty!
    I do love that pheasant! Such a beautiful bird!
    Sweet kitty, too!!!

  5. My hubby wanted pancakes for breakfast today, but I talked him out of it! He has put on a LOT of weight since the accident... What a pretty bird! Pheasant, yes? Cool!

  6. Poor Miss Buttons, she does look very content resting.
    Love the pheasant picture.


  7. Oh my goodness - and I thought we had a lot of snow! Love your visitor - he's beautiful.
    Stay warm and stay in stitches -