Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baby spiders have new home.

 My baby spiders are now in their new pots and going upstairs with the rest  of my plants. I got five pots of babies. Don\t they look healthy and happy.

I am half way finished my biscornu, so I will show you what has been done so far.

This is the front and the bottom.

Still alittle work to do, I have not had as much time as I would have liked this last week, but we where busy trying to see if the new company that got the contract to have flaggers for NB Power where going to hire us on, so we had to wait and see, then have a meeting with the new company called Safety First and see if he wanted us to work for them and who of our crew of 30 where going to work for them. We still get the same hourly pay and we had a big meeting last night, I might as well say last night because we went over at 3 pm and did not return home until after 6 pm. We (only 7 of us went to work for them) the others did not want to so to bad for them. We all got new road signs, flash lights, lights for the top of our cars and a supervior who seems to care alittle more for his employees than the last company we where  working for. So Monday we start with a new company, new equipment and a new outlook on life. He also hired allot of new people to cover this contract. I am feeling good about this and my husband said that I even slept allot better last night than I have in weeks.
Today we are having another snow storm, what's new. There is more snow coming down than the weather man said but it's pretty.

I guess this is a good day to say inside and do laundry and relax now that all the tension from weeks past have settled them selves.

Stay save and warm and do enjoy your weekend. Sorry that I don't have any more stitching to show, the one piece I do have that is almost done is for an exchange and it's coming alone quite nicely. Until next time which I do hope won't be so long, hugs for now.  Lynda Ruth from snowy New Brunswick.

 Update after the storm.
 Hubby had to dig out a path from the steps so he could go to the garage to get his tractor to finish blowing out the driveway and it finally stopped snowing late last night. Look at the drifts of snow on the other side of the driveway. Boy, if we had kids they would have a ball playing in that snow pile.  I think it looks pretty.

 We also have lots of snow out the front of the house. Winter has defiantly moved in for now.
 Ms. Jasmine and Ms.Buttons say good Sunday to you all in blog land. They had their treat for this morning so they are content to sit around and have a Sunday nap.

 My biscornu is finished and I found a anchor buton to put on the back of it. What do you think for a first try.


  1. Good news that you were taken on by the new company - I hope everything works out for you both.

    Spider plants look very happy.

    Lots of snow - we very rarely see that in our part of the UK.

  2. Beautiful little biscornu! Very glad your work situation has been resolved. Enjoy the snow!

  3. Gosh the snow looks beautiful. I guess you can only tolerate so much though then it would be very warying trying to cope with it. We don't have snow where I live. The middle of the North Island N.Z.. currently having relentless heat and pretty near a draught. I live in a farming centre and this is quite a worry for our farmers.Biscornus are fun aren't they, yours looks lovely. Hugs Shirley

  4. Lovely snow photos Lynda Ruth. Your spider plants certainly look beautiful and healthy. The are such great plants for haviing babies and being able to new plants from them. Great news about your job and that you are sounding more settled now. Hope all goes well on your first day with the new team on Monday.

  5. Great news about work Sis.
    Lovely spider plants , and lovely snowy photos.
    Biscornu looks great well done big hugs.

  6. So glad you both got the jobs.
    It is currently snowing nonstop here.

  7. Oh so much snow! Good luck with your new job!The biscornu looks lovely for a first one. I have never made one!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Snow makes everything look so beautiful & peaceful :)
    Love the biscornu & the little button!
    Good luck with the jobs, that's fantastic news!

  9. Hello! Glad to hear that you have the new job you pursued! You definitely are having winter up there! Beautiful snow pictures! Thanks for sharing! The biscornu looks good! Hugs!