Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ready for the snow.

We went for a drive after work on Wednesday to the Miramichi and ordered a tractor with a snowblower on the back. It arrived this morning bright and early. I just got a half picture of it but you will get the idea, we get allot of snow around here and my DH did not want to have to call in someone else this year to do the job so he got his own and I will be driving it to.
I thought I would only get to show you this picture but DH brought over the tractor so I could get a really good picture to show you( he really wanted me to go for a drive but the wind is cold and blowing and I would rather not do it today I want to drive it when it's warmer. We are getting a soft cab put onto it when it arrives.

So what do you think of our new tractor. It should take care of any snow that shows up this year.

I got some new charts to show you.
 I already have October and November, I just need Sept, June, Jan, Feb, and March to finish the set.

How do you like my new Christmas fabric. I  got them for $1.99 a fat quarter. Some of my christmas stitching will have these quarters on the back of them.

I just got a new chart from Madame Chantilly from Italy in the mail today.  Santa Owl and Santa Sheep, can't wait to stitch them. I am still working on my christmas stitch for my sis June and it's turning out nicely. Finished the round robin for Cucki and am waiting for her postal strike to end so I can send to her and she in return can send to me.  I hate postal strikes it ruins everything.

Donna at By the Bay has a freebie today, you should go check it out.

We got alittle snow but it will not last long.

My little shadow follows me everywhere I go. She is such a loving kitty.

So that is all for now, hello to all my new followers and hi to my regular ones. Do enjoy your weekend and try and stay warm and dry wherever you live. Until next time hugs Lynda Ruth  xxx


  1. Wow! I would say you have snow removal handled now!
    My Henry is my little shadow. He does the same thing. :)

  2. Oh I am so very glad we do not have to deal with snow anymore...but I do like the tractor you have....will make your task much easier. Wonderful stash you have there.

  3. Wow love your new tractor Ron would love to play on there.
    Love your new header , and your new chart with the sheep is so pretty .
    Hope you don't get to much snow ,we had a light frost this morning .

  4. WOW wow wow!! Love your latest stash!! These charts are just all fabulous and... wish I could have one of this snow toy here!! We of course, have no way near as much snow as you guys but everything comes to a halt because we are so unprepared... This is just awesome :)

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