Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wonderful Exchanges.

I have been doing exchanges for the past few months and I just wanted to say that I have recieved so many lovely items from so many wonderful blog ladies. I have made my share and hope that everyone that recieved from me was as pleased as I am to have recieved such wonderful treasures. The following is a picture of the many items recieved. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. hugs to all who sent me these treasures.

Hope you liked my showing of all the lovely gifts from everyone and I wish to thank you all, everyone for your generousity. Thanks again for making my year a great one. I had to move to New Brunswick and I had to leave my friends and family there. But now I have a new family on Blogland and I appreciate everyone of you who come over  to my blog to visit with me and all these lovely exchanges we are having. I have more exchanges to do and some to sent out when the time comes. I do hope that the postal strike in South Africa ends soon so I can send Cucki her exchange. I have it ready and waiting to go to you Cucki as soon as I get the okay from you I will send it to you. I don't wish this parcel to get lost on it's way to you. So thank you everyone again and I hope you will come and visit again. hugs to all. Until later   Lynda Ruth


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  2. Lovely exchanges! Enjoy all your goodies :D

  3. Wonderful goodies and great exchanges , you are building up some wonderful gifts in your craft room , looks lovely Sis Big hugs.

  4. What lovely exchanges! I bet you felt like it was Christmas in October!

  5. Wow!!! So many fabulous goodies!!! Great exchanges

  6. Hello

    I found your blog through Butterfly Wings.

    What lovely exchanges, people are so kind.
    Your blog is lovely x

  7. Hello!

    The exchanges are lovely, stitchers are a generous bunch!
    I enjoyed looking at your blog.