Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cats and bags, hubby's birthday.

As you can see from the header my cat Ms. Buttons loves bags and if lefted on the floor they are fair game for her to sit on. She loves to attack them, I don't know why but I am calling her Ms. Bag Lady from now on.
She is the only cat I know that loves to sleep on her back and she thinks she is queen of the house. She
 sure makes sleeping look like an art form.

Like I said it was hubby's birthday on Friday and we went for a drive in our Camero and went to Cap Pele for supper. He found a place there that had fish and chips. The food was great and not expensive like some places. There where allot of people in and out while we where there so I think the place has a good rep for good food. You go in, order, pay, find a table which was no problem because the place is so large and wait for you number to be called, then get your food and eat in peace. It was great. We drove around after and then came home for the cake I baked before we lefted.
It is a chocolate chip cake. Delicious. It is easier for me to bake a cake then to buy one. Dave likes homemade better.

Hubby is  busy on his computer, mine is where I am taking the photo from. In the corner of the living room which we turned into a computer room because we have another living room before you come into the large kitchen. Dosen't it looked lived in. My daughter Crystal and her husband Brett called on Friday morning to wish Dave a happy birthday and I got an email from Carla wishing Dave birthday wishes too.

My pillow for my daughter Carla is almost finished, Just have to sew up the side. I have another one that I have to make into a pillow.

I think she will like this one too. I have purple
 material to back it with just like the first pillow.

I think Maggee would love this purple too. what do you say Mag?
My live tulips are all gone now so I stitched myself a couple of tulips that won't die on me, just have to make a pillow or something out of this.

I watched the Kentuckey Derby on Saturday and California Chrome won as they say going away. I love watching the Thriple Crown and hope this year there will be one horse to win all three. Hasn't happened in along time.

My camera takes good photo's off the tv. don't you think.Beautiful colt and my lucky number 5.

Well, everyone you have a great Sunday and enjoy the lovely weather. Till next time. hugs Lynda
I thought I would add alittle something to this blog, I did some stitching for my daugther Carla's birthday and want to show you what I did. Let me know what you think. hugs.

Today is May 6th, 2014 .

I want to add something to this blog. I finally finished getting everything for my daughter Carla's birthday box and I wanted to show you what I put in it. All goodies she will like for her new apartment that she moved into the 1st of March. I got her a watch to go with everything else so here it is.

I found a purple rose bush at the grocery store and had to have it. I only like small rose bushes and this one will go out in my flower garden when the weather is warmer. I also got some blubs to plant as well.

I do hope everyone has a nice day. Bye for now


  1. Lovely stitching lynda , that cake looks just wonderful hugs.

  2. Beautiful stitching Linda! That purple fabric is gorgeous : )

  3. Hello

    Found your blog through Butterfly Wings blog.
    Your cat is adorable and I love her name too.
    Lovely stitching and the cake looks delicious!
    happy birthday to your husband and have a good weekend.

  4. Beautiful stitching.. the photo of them all together looks amazing. Oooh and happy belated wishes to your husband... that chocolate chip cakes looks delicious. Lovely post... hope your daughter enjoys her parcel :)
    Smiles to you :) x