Saturday, April 26, 2014

Drive to Shediac

Any one ever been to Shediac to see the big lobstor with the fisherman standing guard infront of it. In the summer season we get lots of tourists from all over the world. They love to climb on it and have there photo's taken. When my kids were younger they did the same.

Hope you all are well, We had more snow on Thursday after it rained and then froze on the trees. Today the snow is gone and we went to Shediac for a drive. My hubby was hoping the gas in Shediac was lower than in Riverview where we live. It was atleast four cents cheaper at $1.36 a litre than $1.40 a litre. We took a drive to the wharf and I took some pictures of ducks and sea gulls.

A couple of Japanesse guys trying to teach each other how to fish off the wharf.

The lighthouse on the wharf.

We like to take our 2011 Camaro out for a spin when the weather is nice and today was a good day for a drive.

It was a nice day and before we left I found a curcous in my over grown garden. I do not know how it got there because I did not plant it, but I love to see it come up every spring.
I love to drive by the dolphin pool in Shediac it is running today. Last week we there by and it was not a fountion just dry dolphins.
I have been stitching for some exchanges and a round robin with June in England so I can not show any stitching today, but in a few weeks I will show all. I am busy finishing stitching for my daughter and will show those as well. Now I am off. Have a great weekend. We are having rain tomorrow that's why the drive today. If it rains it will be a good day to stitch. hugs to all my followers and welcome to my new followers glad you came by.


  1. Wow lovely photos , love the fountain , what a lovely place to visit hugs.

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world. How very interesting and beautiful.

  3. incredible pictures of a place that seems very great to be visited !! :)
    I love the lighthouse

  4. What a lovely spring drive--really enjoyed your photos :)