Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Longing for a summer's drive in the green country side.

I think we all have had enough of Winter, and can't wait to go for along drive in the country. I know I would love to get in the car and me and hubby go driving. This is a picture of the back road of New Hamphire. We went on a drive last year and I love taking pictures of the country side. It was a fun trip, stopped for a Nascar race in Loudon and drove home on this lovely road. You do meet the nicest people along the way as well. Met some at the track and lots more while touring the town.

This is the start of the race. I forgot who won that day, but it was a good race anyway.

This nice lady was sitting behind my husband.

It was about 80 degrees that day we went to the race and boy, did it get me. I had to put ice down my back to cool off. This nice lady behind us gave me some of her ice that she had in her cooler. It sure made a difference while waiting the race. I thought I was going to pass out at one point. But I went for some shade and then I was good for the rest of the day.

 These two people came  all the way from Prince Edward Island to watch the race and stayed in the same motel as us. We could not believe that we drove all the way to the states and we meet people from our own back yard. What are the odds of that.

These two where visiting their daughter and son-in-law and stopped tostay at the same motel.
Can't believe how many people we met that where from Canada. The states is a great place to visit. We have been in Florida, North Carolina and New Hamphire, that we stayed in, there are other states that we just passed thru on our way back and forth. Hopefully we will be travelling some more in the future.
Just finished stitching this chart, do love the saying. If any one is interested in having this chart leave me a comment and I will have a draw for it. It has a bonus chart that goes with it also. I will leave the draw open until the weekend and draw a name on Saturday.

Well, everyone have a great day, I am off to do more stitching and await the coming snow and ice storm that is suppose to hit New Brunswick tonight, so far the sun is shinning but that we all know is only fleeting.

Good day to all my followers and look forward to reading all your lovely comments. Hugs to all Lynda-Ruth


  1. There are so many kind people to help out when needed and I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the race.

    Lovely piece of stitching - could I be put in your draw to win the chart please?

  2. Isn't that the LK chart that has the original design from ten years ago with it? Very cute finish, and what a fun road trip.

    1. I don't know about when it came out, I have had it for awhile and just stitched it.Thought someone else could have fun stitching it up. Lynda

  3. Great photos thanks for sharing , I love your stitching great saying Hugs & xxx

  4. I was going to pass on this one, but my daughter just bought her first house yesterday and this would be the perfect housewarming gift! Please include me in the drawing.

  5. Hi there! Cute finish! I think I have that chart in my stash... somewhere... I like it... so probably do! My son and I watch Formula One together... love those races... so fast...

  6. Hello! I just found you through butterfly stitches. Congrats on the beautiful finish :)