Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jasmine picked a winner.

And the winner is Linda, I will be in touch with you shortly and will mail your chart out next week. Congrats and thanks everyone who entered.

My finished one is in my header. I used purple fabric for the back and I like the way it came out.

I still have to stuff the pillow and I think I will just put in a basket with all the other spring pillows that I have made.

I'm sure Maggee would love this purple fabric because I know she love purple's and how do you like my pink spring. It was a quick stitch the other night. Not allot of time to do, done while watching TV.

But I do love the way the live chart turned out. I do love all the pretty colours. Makes it spring like almost.

We got socked by another snow storm on Wednesday night and all day Thursday, only ending Friday morning. My poor husband could not get his riding blower to work because of the ice pellets in the middle of all the snow that came down, so he had to get out his pushing blower and tackle the job. We had about a foot in places and 8 inches in others. It took him awhile to get it done.

Look at all that snow flying away. Can you believe this is the worst winter I have seen down here in the thirteen years we have been here. I can't wait for spring to get here. I don't want to see any more snow storms.

This is going to be a short blog, I was upstairs looking for fabric and found a cross stitch that I started and never finished, I think we all have them. It's a Rose Sampler from LHN and I should finish it.

I should have it done by the time I do another blog.

Do enjoy your weekend fellow bloggers and live well, laugh often and love deeply your family and friends, because love dose make the world go around.   xxx Lynda-Ruth


  1. Thank you so much. Stay warm and safe in the snow and enjoy the Rose Sampler stitching.

  2. Live well finished beautifully. Hopefully your little spring design will help push the weather to change. Enough snow!

  3. Congrats to Linda, Lovely new header and love your pink Spring stitching,
    Spring is on the way to you hugs.

  4. Congrats to Linda! Pretty new header. Spring is very pretty!
    Great find in your stash too! love Annette

  5. congrats to Linda :)
    I just won that pattern that is travelling via another way :)
    I'm really enjoying it
    I love your purple fabric !! =) superb !
    happy stitching

  6. Thank You for popping to my blog, lovely to see you :) Yes I am now one of your new followers! Congratulations on your win... its a lovely chart :) I will put your name down for the "Goodwill" chart... fingers crossed ;)
    Smiles to you :)