Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Feeling myself again.


Hello everyone. I thought I would make bagels today. Yummy looking aren't they.

I got some apples from my next door neighbor. They are so red inside and delicious.

my plant is still flowering and the cactus is starting to bloom too.

My Aloe plant is starting to grow babies and if I can keep it long enough to get old enough it will flower next spring.
Fingers crossed.

Remember this stitch, while I finally did something with it.

I am going to make a pillow and put inside it.

I found myself some pretty birds to stitch. I like that the charts are large.

I have been away from blogging for awhile because I did not have anything to show. I also had the flu and not feel better.

I had a problem with my ears and it is not sorted from a ear doctor that I finally got to see. I had a bleeding right ear and a buildup of wax in my left that pretty much made it impossible to hear.

With going to the doctor and having her clean my ears and getting drops I am back to hearing really good. 

Getting old is a bitch.


 Here are a few of the trees around our yard. I love the Autumn colours so much.

Well, I hope everyone has a good day. Bye for now. Big hugs from Canada.


  1. Lynda Ruth: I wish that the colors would stay all summer and turn green in the fall, I enjoy the colors so much.
    Your bagels look yummy.
    Nice plants, I cannot have plants my cat likes to eat them or knock them over and play in the dirt.
    Beautiful pillow finish, so very pretty, I am looking forward to seeing the birds stitched up.
    My favorite way to eat apples is fried in a bit of butter.
    I hope you are fully back to good health, its that time of year for the flu.
    Stay healthy.


  2. Lovely stitching ,and your trees are just wonderful.
    Hope you are feeling better , did you have your flu jab , we had ours a couple of weeks ago.
    Take care hugs June.