Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday in June.

What happened to May, it was just here and now it is June. Boy, Oh, Boy the months are racing by again. I do so hope we get some nice warm weather so I can go to the beach and hunt for my favorite things: sea shell, sea glass and pretty rocks to polish and admire.  Time will tell if and when I get to do all my favorite things.                                                                                                                              

First off, I want to show my potato plants and how good they are growing. This is the first pot and the second pot is starting to do very well.
 The potato's are starting to come thru in this pot and will have all summer to grow and provide me with some nice new potato's which I am very much looking forward too. Yummy.

My peony bushes are growing quite well for being dug up and moved. The ants even came along for the ride, which are needed to open the flowers when they are big enough to bloom.

I planted my square box that Dave made for my strawberry plants that did not make it thru the winter.

We went for a drive on friday because we knew the weather for this weekend was going to be rainy all weekend except for today and hubby is out now cutting the grass and dandelions.

I just love this photo of a train track in the sky.
Even the farmers where out going from field to field to get them ready for planting this year's crops. 

We finally got to Masstown Market and as you can see from the photo below, it is a busy place. The lighthouse in the left of the photo is the fish market. The main building has a flower shop, gift shop,  vegetable market, grocery and a place to have lunch. There are all kinds of goodies in this building. 

 Last week, I think Monday I got this parcel in the mail. It is an interesting shape. It is a can and it was from my daughter Carla in Orillia, Ontario. She sent me a Mother's Day card and gifts.

You will not believe how much goodies she packed into this can and it has a lid to go on top which is get for storing stuff. I am now using it for my plant seeds so they stay dry.

 This is all of what was in the can, can you believe all of it fit in there. I could not believe it and I was the one taking everything out. WOW

I can leave without showing you a couple more photo's of my little grandson.
  He is now 22 pounds and a very healthy guy.

 Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of my day. I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Until next time take care and be safe. Big hugs from New Brunswick, Canada.


  1. Lynda Ruth: Your grandson is positively adorable, so happy looking.
    Your daughter did a wonderful job of filling that canister, I bet she had just as much fun filling it as you did taking things out, and you even have a little emoji.
    Your plants look healthy, I lost about eight strawberry plants, I will cover them with straw next fall to protect them.

  2. Such a wonderful gift from your daughter. Love the town where the lighthouse is, it looks delightful and it looked like a nice Summer day Lynda. Hope you get a good yield from your potatoes, ours were pathetic this last season. Won't get the same brand seed potatoes again. Hope you do well with your strawberries, I love seeing them grow with their beautiful fruit on. We have a huge gardens about 10 minutes away from home that we haunt a bit, also for blueberries.Take care and hope you can get out and do your beachcombing soon.Love that header, she is beautiful.

  3. What a cutie pie he is. Love that you are growing potato plants! That certainly was a lot packed into one canister.

  4. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !