Friday, June 29, 2018

Happy Canada Day.

Why is it so hard to take your own photo with a camera. I do not have a phone to take photo's on. The phone I have Dave uses for work. Here is a photo of my new hair cut. Nice and short for the summer.

I was trying to take the photo without looking into the camera.

I got some more photo's of Carla, baby David, Crystal, and their friends Kim and Donny. They went to Orillia to see Carla and baby David.

 Carla and David outside the restaurant. I think he is tired.
 Baby David loves to go to play in the water. I told my daughter she should get him into swimming lessons. It is never too early to teach a child to swim if they are going to be around the water all the time.

 He looks so intent on something. He is growing like a little weed. I am happy he is a healthy little boy because when you have a baby in later life lots of things can go wrong with the baby and the mother. Thank God they are both healthy.
Someone is a happy camper. I love these photo's. Until next time have a great weekend. Happy Canada Day to all of Canada. Bye


  1. Such precious, precious pictures. I do so hope you and Dave are able to go and see your grandson soon. That would be awesome!! Take good care!

  2. Lovely photos of your family .
    I like your new hair cut.
    Happy Canada day to you and Dave.

  3. Nice photos and love your new haircut.