Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A New Bath Tub.

Do you guys ever crave something so much  and you want it right this minute. Well, this last couple of weeks I have been craving steak and kidney pie. Now, some of you like my neighbor will go eek kidneys yah.Well I am English, and I love kidneys.. I have been on a trek to find some kidneys. Now the grociery stores do not carry this item very much and some only at Christmas time. Well, I went to the Meat Market in town and asked if they had or could get me some. While it took two weeks but I did get two nice kidneys from them. I also went to the meat market in St. Antonie and got would you believe 11 kidneys for $7.00. I will not show you the pile of them, you may get sick. It took the better part of the afternoon to cut up and put in containers add water and take down to the freezer. Luckly,  Dave came home in time to help me take them down stairs to the big freezer. I had to have some so I made one yesterday and Dave was going to have some but I put sweet onion in it and he hates onions so he had spaghetti instead. I will make another on the weekend and leave out the onion and celery for him to try. Dont you think this looks yummy. And it tasted just as yummy as it looks.

 Don't look at the kidneys if you have a weak stomach.

 Have you heard of Bath Fitter, well, it's a company that can come in and do your bath tub and insert in one day or what ever you want in one day with out distroying you bathroom. We needed a new wall insert for our bath tub.It was getting pretty bad. So we called Bath Fitters to see what they could do for us. We did not need a tub just the wall around the tub and they said that can be arranged . So we said we would remove the old wall and save us some money and they could just come and put in the new wall.

Took this after the wall was taken out by Dave.  We have to redo the floor and paint the walls but that will be another time and when we have extra money.
Yesterday, Travis from Bath Fitter's showed up at 11 a.m. and was finished by 5:30 p.m. I will show you a couple of photo's that I took of him working and he did work all day by himself and steady as a rock. He did stop for a couple of breaks and his lunch. He was a very smart man and cleaned up after he was finished and did a good job.

What a mess right. Travis hard at work, he liked the fact that the bathroom was really roomy for him to work in. Usually he would have the small bathrooms to work in. He had lots of space to spread out.

Oh, course hubby had to get in there too. Don't all husbands have to help out the handy man at one time or another.

 Now Travis is putting silicone all around the bath tub to seal all the of it so it will not leak and wreak our new tub.

 This is the finished  tub, We have to let it dry completely for a couple of days before we put the sliding doors back on and use the tub. I get the first bath.  See the bar at the back of the tub while, now I can get out of the tub a whole lot easier and don't need  Dave to help me. But  I did tell him that  I was going to have bubbles in the tub, candles all around , soft music and a glass of wine while I enjoyed my bath.  Sounds like a plan to me.
Looks good doesnt it.

 Now I will show you my garden. I have all plants planted and the side garden is coming up. Have a look at the progress so far.

 I managed to save my potato plants by cutting off the frozen leaves and letting new one come.

This is the side garden and the peas are coming up I have given them something to climb on.

This pile of black soil has just been planted with green beans, it will be a few days before they come up. I have yellow beans in the side garden.

I finally got my tires planted and cant wait to see how they do.

See the little leaves coming in the top left half of this photo, while these are the bulbs Carla gave me.

Look at all the flowers coming on this vine. Only had one flowers last year this year I have lots.

Well, that is it for today, I have a chicken in the oven roasting and buns on the counter rising for supper. I think I have done enough for the last two days and I plan on relaxing for the rest of the week. Housework only. Hope you all stay safe and have a great week. I will be back when I have something new to tell. Big hugs. Bye from New Brunswick.


  1. I will skip the plants! Your bathroom is going to look great and your garden as well.

  2. I am sending Ron over to your house he would love your pie ,
    Your bathroom looks wonderful .
    Love to see all your plants growing away .
    Love the header , hugs.