Sunday, May 20, 2018

Rainy Sunday

I did so enjoy the royal wedding yesterday and I do hope the newly weds will have a fairy tale life, with much love and happiness. It was a grand wedding and so many, many people came .I could not believe how wonderful the day was, the weather in England is never that great. They did have a very special day.

Now back to normal lives. I had a couple of newly weds in my back yard yesterday and I got a picture of them for you to see.
They where right outside my kitchen window. We have Ducks Unlimited behind our property and allot of ducks and geese live in the pond off side of the river but this is the first year they have gotten brave enough to venture this close to the house. I am going to name them Prince Harry and Princess Megan.

We took a drive yesterday to Sussex and It was a nice warm sunny day, even the bickers where out enjoying the day.

 We even spotted a Shelby driving the roads.

Today is a different story. It rained last night and is still raining out as you can see from my neighbors driveway that is wet.

 The potato I planted in the house is now in it's own pot outside and  there is another pot with potato's in it, but not up yet.

We moved my peony plants from the side of house by the stairs to the front garden and it did not hurt them any. They are growing nicely and will have more room to spread out. I got rings yesterday to hold them up.

This is what I have been doing with my front flower garden. It dose not look like much but there are allot of bulbs planted and I am just waiting for them to come up and bloom. Will show another picture in a few weeks when they come thru the ground.

 I did plant a couple of my tomato plant in the front garden.
 My yellow bush finally covered itself with flowers, it started from the bottom and bloomed upwards.
 I did see one humming bird yesterday. It probably is still too cool for more of them, but the feeder is up with fresh liquid for them to drink.

My one and only tulip is coming up again. Will have to get more.

 I have finally cleaned out my box garden that had my strawberry plants in it but they did not survive the winter so I will be planting more tomato's, peas, beans and some carrots in this one.

Well, I am off to put a roast in the oven and relax for the rest of the weekend. We have a long one this weekend. I am going to rest my back because I did allot of gardening last week and it needs a rest. I am going to get a scan done on my lower back in June to see how bad it is and if there is anything that can be done.
Hope you all have a great day. Hugs from New Brunswick.


  1. Yes it was a lovely Wedding such a feel good day.
    You are going to have a wonderful garden in the summer with all your bulbs.

    We are getting lots of sunshine at the moment it's pay back time for that snow we had ha.

  2. Lynda Ruth: I was at Retreat when the wedding was happening but I did record it and will be watching it.
    Your garden is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing it blossom this summer.
    We have geese on the fairway they sure do poop big.


  3. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !