Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy, happy New Year to All.

Did everyone have enough turkey for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. I know I had my fill of turkey and the fixings and I think Jasmine is sleeping off her's. She has one of her new toys beside her so no one can play with it but she is the only cat in the house. Silly kitty.

June gave me a pair of fingerless mitts for Christmas and I thought I would see how hard they are to make. I did not knit this pair but I did crochet them. Found a spot on Pinterest that makes all kinds of fingerless mitts so I gave it a shot and these are what I ended up with. The wool is very fine so I put two colours together, yellow and purple. What do you think of them.

I have left over turkey and pork roast from last night and Sunday night so I decided to make a stew with the left overs. I added carrots, potato's, peas, beans and the turkey gravy from the roast pan that I use on my counter. I got two containers this time. I put in 4 cups of water to make gravy. The turkey was another fall off the bone hit with my husband. It was very juicy too.

There is enough for two night's supper's considering we have to go to Halifax tomorrow morning so Dave can get his eye checked out by Dr. Sami who did the operation to repart his retina. His black eye is almost gone but the eye is still red on the inside.

Well, this is my first blog for 2018, I can now type with two hands but the left arm is starting to get tired from the laundry, the stew making and the typing, so I will say good night for now and will be back again soon. Hope everyone has a nice evening. Hugs to all my blogger friends. Thanks for stopping bye to read my blog, I do so love your comments.


  1. Happy New Year Lynda Ruth Dave and Jasmine: I love homemade stews, tomorrow I will be making homemade chili, the beans are soaking now.
    June is so sweet, they look lovely.
    Blondie the cat says hello Jasmine.


  2. Hi Sis Happy New Year to you and Dave .
    Boy your food looks so yummy .
    Well done your mitts look wonderful , hugs .