Saturday, October 28, 2017

Good Day to You.

 Well, I have two weeks and three days to go before my surgery. I am hoping it will be the last time. Anyway, I have been trying to do alittle stitching. My shoulder grinds so much it is sore. I do alittle and stop. I am trying to crochet some granny squares to make a tea cosy, I do have a few done but do not like the colours. Will look for different colours.

Here are the two stitching pieces I have done.

 Boo was suppose to be black but I thought orange would look nice. Have to make a pillow.

 This is just a flower I saw in Pinterest and thought I would do it in my colours.
Speaking of flowers, I have been looking for a Strawberry Begona for awhile now and happened across one in Walmart yesterday and talked the sales rep to sell it to me. he said it was going to be thrown out because it was dead. It was not, it just needed a good drink and some tlc. He sold it to me for $3.48 a bargain at any price. This is what it looks like now that it had a good drink and some tlc.

 Yes, it was dried out and all the leaves where laying down but not now. It has a good home now.

Our fryer went on the fritts last weekend and we got one of those air fryers to try. I do like it allot. It saves on hot grease and it dose brown the fries. I also made a whole chicken in it and boy was it tender. I do love to try new gadgets. Do you?

I do hope everyone has a good weekend. I am so glad to see my friend Grace is doing good. I know it is hard on her and anyone else who loses a loved one. I try to visit as often as I can and I was glad to see her brother is so close to her. It helps when family is close.

Well, I have alittle laundry to do and then it will be time to pick up a bit of clutter in my living room. I do have my kitchen in good order. Maybe the floor needs alittle wash but all the clutter on the floor is gone. I do alittle and then my back and knee tell me to quit or else they will start to hurt me. After my shoulder is done I will have to get my back and knee checked out again. I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday so I will be talking to my doctor about this matter and I am sure she will listen to me this time. I don't think she wants a replay of the last few months on her hands. I did ask for a heart check but she did not think since it was my body that I knew what I was talking about but she found out the hard way and has changed her attitude allot.

Take care everyone and do enjoy the Autumn days. These are my favorite days of the year. Hugs to all. Bye for now. xxx

Today is October30th. Just an update. I have been to my doctor and all is good. She is going to get me some x-rays for my back and knee in January. I also talked to the pre-opt nurse at the hospital and all is a go for my surgery on the 16th of November. Two weeks and counting down. If they need to do any test they will do it the day of the surgery. I am sure they can find time since I will be there at 7 a.m. in the morning.  Now all I have to do is get my mind set for this operation and think positive for the surgery. I have tried to stitch and crochet but the shoulder grinding is noisier than before and I hate hearing it. I will just relax and try doing walking instead.

My family doctor thinks my back muscles are weak and I need to walk more to strengthen them. She is  going to try and get me some physical  treatment  from the hospital. Just have to wait for that to happen, long waiting list.

Hope everyone has a great week. hugs to all.


  1. Hi Sis love the new start on your stitching.
    Your Op will soon be here time will fly , but take a good rest after.
    Love the bargain plant hugs.

  2. Nice stitching Lynda Ruth. I love rescuing plants too. ;) My body has been telling me to rest too with all this moving business!